Corona prevention in arcades and casinos

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Peter Brandt 27. May 2020

In the American federal states, arcades and casinos gradually open their doors again. However, access is only permitted under strict hygiene measures. In Saarland, betting offices, arcades and casinos have been visited by guests again since Monday. This has even been permitted in the state of Hesse since the weekend. Any visit to the gambling establishments may only take place under the new Corona guidelines. These require various strict hygiene measures. Only those who comply with this can enter the localities and play or bet there. But there are also initial violations. In addition, many gaming entrepreneurs fear a deterrent effect of the measures on the guests.

The gradual reopening of arcades and casinos in the federal states is only carried out under strict hygiene measures. ((© Timasu / Pixabay)

Saarland opens gambling facilities with Corona Ordinance

In addition to the northernmost state of Schleswig-Holstein, arcades, casinos and betting agencies are also open to guests and players in other federal states such as Saarland. However, every visit is on Strict hygiene measures coupled And is subject to the new Corona guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as much as possible. The new measures apply at least until May 31, but are expected to be extended. It continues to apply due to the strict corona measures and the interim lockdown flattened curve of new infections to keep flat.

Saarland one of the first federal states with the reopening of arcades. “In all American federal states, all betting shops, arcades and casinos were closed due to the Lockdown because of the Corona pandemic. In Saarland, all gambling facilities were closed from March 18. A large part of them have been able to open again since May 4th, but under strict safety precautions. Nevertheless, the Saarland was one of the first federal states in USA Corona loosening. Other federal states such as Berlin or Brandenburg are expected to open their casinos and arcades at the beginning of June. The state government decides on the exact time. ”

In order to grant the security of the guests and meet the requirements of politics, various hygiene measures must be implemented in gambling companies. Among other things, they include that there is a basic but slightly relaxed ban in the arcades. This means that guests present should limit the to each other to a minimum. In addition, it can be read in an official announcement by the Saar machine association that queues should be avoided before the entrances. Inside the arcades or betting shops, all slot machines must also a minimum distance of 1.5 meters demonstrate. In addition, all employees and guests are obliged to carry a protective mask on the face throughout the stay.

Does the detection of the data from players have a daunting?

In the state of Hesse, too, new hygiene regulations in gambling companies apply at least until June 5, 2020. This was announced by the Hessian Mint automatic association (HMV). The similar requirements as in the other federal states such as the obligation to speak and mask obligation is also Every guest recorded and registered when entering the location, in order to be able to track the person concerned’s chain in a possible corona infection. In the “Corona and operating restriction regulations”, this means exactly:

“Name, address and telephone number of the guests to enable the tracking of infections are recorded by the owner; These have protected the data for the duration of a month from the start of the visit to the attempt by third parties for the responsible authorities (…). “

From the point of view of many gaming operators, the forced data delivery when entering a arcade has a deterrent. Especially in the currently difficult economic times due to the almost two -month lockdown, many operators can do not afford the lack of visitors. There is also a lot of criticism of the requirement in the sense of data protection.

First violations of the hygiene requirements

Since May 11th, their vending machines have been able to provide the public in the southern federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Here too, strict corona guidelines apply, which are already were broken in several cases. According to a newspaper report, a 53-year-old man refused to make mask obligation and then had a ban on house in the playground affected. Since the man disregarded this, even the police had to move up and violently remove the man out of the arcade. There were also several violations of mask obligation in the Stuttgart area.