Corona: Outdoor casinos as a solution?

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Peter Brandt 9. September 2020

Corona pandemic is a challenge, especially for stationary casinos. The Silicon Valley has a solution for this: the outdoor casino. This may not seem particularly imaginative for the time being, since it is a relatively simple solution for the complex challenges ofcovid-19-hygiene measures, but so far one is looking for similar ideas in California. The US state of California generated $ 19 million in tax revenue annually, which are almost completely omitted after the outbreak of pandemic. California is one of the hardest states affected by Corona in the United States.

Another innovative idea from Silicon Valley: In San José, an outdoor casino will soon open to meet the Corona challenges. ((©egorshitikov/Pixabay)

California dependent on gambling

You hear from Innovative ideas from the Silicon Valley, one is inclined to think of disruptive technologies, digitization and progress. However, the latest ideas are not something like that. However, this may also be due to the fact that the circumstances are others and in this case there is no modern start-up one of the ideas. In addition, the ideas are a reaction to an extremely analogous problem: the corona pandemic.

Because in the entire state of California they are Effects of Covid-19 to feel particularly drastically. Of course, these primarily affect people, in the second place, but undoubtedly the economy, its companies and therefore also local casinos, of which there are not exactly a few, on the contrary.

Gambling in the casino is an extremely important source of tax income for the California National state. Every year, around $ 20 million in taxpayers flow into the state treasury, in particular through the so-called card rooms.

What exactly are Card Rooms? So-called card rooms or map rooms are a term from the casino area. This includes those parts of the building of a casino in which only public card games are offered. So different than, for example, Poker room If any visitor to a casino can take part in the card games offered in a card room, while there is usually an access ban on closed poker rooms, you are not registered for a game or tournament.

In particular, the casino providers specializing in card games or Card Rooms in San José were particularly interested in looking for a solution to the current problem. Because all casinos based in California had to completely hire their business until further notice, not only the income for the casinos has broken in, but also lack mills of the crisping US state, however, where funds are urgently needed, for example, in order to continue to be able to guarantee the above -average medical care of the residents. Therefore should Card games now take place in the open air.

Card rooms under tents in parking spaces

Specifically, the proposal was to bypass or simplify the strict hygiene regulations for events with public traffic by the card rooms of the large providers Bay 101 and M8trix To be relocated to the parking spaces of the casinos. What seemed a bit strange at first was put into practice by the casino operators within one day, as video recordings of the station KPIX-TV prove.

On the video recordings you can see how employees of the casino build several white pavilions and set up gaming tables. In addition, even a huge carpet and power cable were laid. Since the pavilion covers the entire casino parking lot, visitors could hardly notice a difference to the indoor casino. Exchange and hurry of this installation prove how – from an economic point of view – it must be urgently required that Finally sales can be achieved again by Card Rooms.

In the meantime, many other facilities in California have followed the example of local casinos and have also taken measures to easily lay their company from the inside out. In the course of this, KPIX-TV even speaks that the San Francisco Bay Area opens again and brought to life again became. In contrast, residents, tourists, but also companies such as the state itself, may not have any objections.