Corona: Mallorca opens gambling sector

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Peter Brandt March 19, 2021

Shortly before the Easter holidays, Mallorca decided to relax, from which gambling also benefits. Normal life has returned a bit on the Spanish island since March 13, 2021. In addition to casinos, arcades and betting shops, department stores and shopping houses can also resume regular operation. The same applies to the badly battered gastronomy, which has to struggle with strong losses through the lack of tourism. However, the loosening of the Corona measures should only be temporary and apply for a total of four weeks.

In the course of the loosening, casinos and arcades may open their doors again under certain conditions in Mallorca. ((©️whekevi/Pixabay)

Gambling with restrictions

The loosening of the Corona restrictions in Mallorca were announced in the course of a public press conference by the deputy prime minister Juan Pedro Yilanes and the government spokesman and tourism minister Iago Negueruela. The two politicians explained that the opening of the individual industries with regard to tourism had happened. Since there is usually a lively survival on the Spanish island over Easter, they would be From an economic point of view, loosening only logically.

The local gaming industry is also a big profiteer from the next four weeks. According to information from the “Mallorca Zeitung” It has been possible again since March 15, 2021, to play in arcades, casinos, betting shops and bingo halls – but not without certain restrictions. The individual operators are allowed to only use 30 percent of their actual utilization. At the same time, politics had determined an upper limit of 100 people who are allowed to stay in the respective establishment. There would also be certain precautions. All facilities that can be assigned to the gaming industry would have to close their gates at 5 p.m. at the latest. This also applies if the venues have a separate restaurant and bar operation. Even if the Spanish government with corona aids The domestic gambling industry has supported, a temporary admission of the regular company should ensure a sigh of relief in Mallorca.

Stricter regulation planned Apart from the rampant Corona pandemic, the gambling industry in Mallorca is faced with directional changes. For a long time, politics has been thinking about tightening legislation in this area. For example, the city council is checking the distances between gambling and educational institutions to reinforce player and youth protection. A realignment of the distance regulation should also be an issue between betting agencies and playgrounds.

Holidaymakers await strict mallorca

Gambling is an integral part of the Mallorcan tourism, however, the hotels, gastronomy and retail have a significantly greater presence. The four-week corona loosening should inspire these branches of industry over Easter and so attract numerous tourists from home and abroad. From March 15, 2021, the numerous restaurants and cafés are open on the Spanish island. Similar to the gambling sites, however, certain restrictions apply here. Only half of the tables may be set up under the open heaven. The size is limited to a group of four. All cafes and restaurants have to close at 5 p.m.

Health in focus In order to prevent a similar disaster as in the summer of 2020, the Mallorcan government relies on certain security measures to prevent the spread of pandemic. Among other things, PCR tests and preliminary registration at the Spanish Health Office are mandatory to go on vacation in Mallorca via Easter.

Shopping with reservation

Cozy commuting through the Mallorca shopping arcades should also be possible under certain conditions. Until recently, the regulation had been used for small -scale retail that only one person was allowed to be in the shop. The temporary loosening would now make a stay of several people permitted. This makes it possible to increase the load from 50 to 75 percent.

Purchasing centers or department stores were regulated separately by politics. To date, large shops were only allowed to open on working days. In the next few weeks this regulation will be obsolete, there can also be served on Saturdays should. However, only under the premise that the occupancy rate is reduced from 50 to 30 percent on the weekend.

Storage lock & private meeting According to the “Mallorca Zeitung”, shopping, gastronomy and gambling were regulated separately from each other, but all areas are responsible for overarching precautions. This applies a general starting ban on the entire island, which can be observed from 10 p.m. Both locals and tourists have to bend this limitation. There are only exceptions in urgent emergencies. Little has been changed in the restrictions for private s. Furthermore, meetings of six people who may come from two households are allowed. Between March 26 and April 9th, however, there should be tightening again in this regard, since Spain -wide regulations come into force.