Corona: Las Vegas Öffnet Casinos

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Peter Brandt 21. April 2021

From July 1st, Las Vegas wants to finally leave Corona pandemic behind and open all casinos again. The gaming metropolis in the US state of Nevada has been in a gradual process since June last year, which is to bring normal life back to the desert city in individual stages. In this regard, governor Steve Sisolak announced that the local casino landscape can run again at full capacity. In the past few months, the individual establishments have been encouraged to receive only a certain number of guests.

According to the US health authority CDC, more than 183 million vaccine doses have so far been injected in the States. ((©alirazagurmani9272/Pixabay)

Falling infection numbers

Since US President Joe Biden took office, the United States has one Large vaccination and educational offensive started, to gradually push the corona pandemic back. After almost three months in office, the undertaking now seems to be gradually bearing fruit. According to the official figures of the National Health Authority CDC, more than 183 million vaccine doses have so far been administered nationwide. Around 45 percent of adults in the country would have received a vaccination accordingly. 27 percent of the adult US citizens are fully vaccinated. Numbers that let normal life return to the individual states and cities in slow steps.

In Nevada, too, the situation seems to normalize itself for some time. Reason enough for governor Steve Sisolak to provide the already running loosening process in the entire US state with a final date. From June 1st, both citizens and companies will reserve all their rights. For Las Vegas this means that The umpteen casinos, hotels and cultural sites are allowed to open their doors again. Due to the advancing vaccination process, the decreasing infection figures and falling deaths, politics and authorities would consider this step as appropriate and justifiable. To Lockdown cancellation However, public life in Nevada is to linger in the “power saving mode” and only use 50 percent of the available capacities.

Districts decide independently. Until June 1st, Nevada’s governor Steve Sisolak intended to comply with compliance with the current Corona measures in the area of responsibility of the individual districts. The US state currently acts as the highest authority of the legislative and specifies the course according to the course. According to the “Las Vegas Sun”, this should change from May 1st. Each municipality in Nevada is unique and must be taken into account individually due to many different factors. For this reason, the transfer of the powers of action to the respective districts is the logical step before the lockdown is lifted in June.

Casino operator praise opening

According to the “Las Vegas Sun”, the planned cancellation of the current Corona measures was praised by many representatives of the local gaming sector. Steve Hill, President and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, advocate the trial end of the lockdown in view of the advanced containment of the virus. the Width availability and the quick administration of the vaccines Would play an essential role in this.

Caesar’s entertainment also welcomes the planned route. It is grateful for the good handling on the part of politics. Nevertheless, the company encourages all employees to be vaccinated to a safe and hygienic environment to ensure both your own workforce and the guests. Accordingly, free corona vaccine is still available.

Vaccination in the USA. Three different vaccines are currently being used in the United States. In addition to the preparations of “Moderna” and “Biontech/Pfizer”, the vaccine from “Johnson & Johnson” is also used. In contrast to the competition, the latter only has to be administered once so that it has its full effect. The various doses are the reason why the US health authority differentiates between “vaccinated” and “fully vaccinated” people in its statistical data collection.

Vaccination progress in USA

In contrast to the United States, the large vaccine in USA continues to be a long time coming. According to the official figures of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) Almost 5.2 million people are vaccinated against the Corona virus in the Federal Republic. The slow vaccination progress is not only due to the lack of vaccine, but also is also based on the official vaccination regulation of the Federal Government, which in turn is based on various prioritization groups. This results in a gigantic logistics and administrative effort that is at the expense of the vaccination progress.

Gaming sector under pressure. The relatively small number of vaccinated people in USA will further delay the termination of the lockdown in this country. The federal government around Chancellor Angela Merkel has just launched the new infection protection law that the current restrictions may be tightening again. This could put the national gambling sector under even more pressure.