Corner points of the Gaming State Treaty

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Peter Brandt 22. November 2019

With a cornerstone paper, the American machine industry is positioning itself for the new Gaming State Treaty. Above all, more quality is desired. If it is based on the industry association, which acts as a umbrella organization of the four large American machine associations, the quality assurance in particular must be contractually stated. This in turn also includes measures that should enable and ensure legal gambling in USA on a liberalized market.

The new state of gambling will also affect gambling machines. ((«Amamasima66/pwayabaya.com.)

2020 the year of breakthrough?

What has not been talked, discussed and argued in recent years, both within the American gaming industry and at a higher level in politics. Was the central issue of dispute, at least for the time being the question is to what extent one in USA Liberalization of the gaming market should be allowed.

The fronts are relatively clear. At least the conservative and social democratic political camps are usually about one adequate player protection. The gaming companies and above all the DAW industry association are more about economic aspects and thus the opportunity to offer its offers and gambling freely as possible.

After years back and forth, the coming year could finally bring a sustainable decision. Because it is clear that the current Gaming State Treaty 2020 will experience some changes. The player protection is still at the top of the agenda, but the prime ministers of the American federal states have largely agreed on it, A more liberal policy on the gaming market to operate. This should at least think the industry and the American automatic economy. The fact is, however, that the umbrella organization of the amendment to contract is of course positive, but is bothered by the fact that the concerns of companies from the automatic economy are particularly neglected.

“The amendment to the Gaming State Treaty is a great opportunity to counter the undesirable developments – especially the rapid growth of the black market – with a holistic approach. Only a coherent regulation of all forms of play including the commercial machine game exclusively according to quality standards and strengthening legal providers can contain the black market and protect consumers effectively. ”Georg Stecker, DAW board spokesman

„Café-Casinos“ Im Visier

But what exactly is the DAW about? Specifically, the umbrella organization criticizes that the new elaborations and guidelines of the Gaming State Treaty, above all, consider the online gambling. Legal gambling in USA However, it is not only made more difficult by illegal providers on the Internet, but also by countless inpatient “gambling halls” that are not licensed at all and should therefore not offer gambling at all.

Namely the American machine industry calls so -called „Coffee-Casinos“. These are inconspicuous shops, mostly in large cities that are disguised as a gastronomic operation, but offer commercial gambling on a large scale behind closed doors. According to the DAW, the new legal text must also start here, also to protect the legal gaming companies in USA.

Are the demands of the American machine economy justified?“The umbrella organization of the automatic economy includes a total of four large associations: the Federal Association of Automaten Company, the American Automatic Industry, the American Automatic Großhandels-Verband e.V. and the forum of the automatic company e.V. Overall, the slot machine industry generates around six billion $ on the American market and thus Much of the total sales. ”

Quality assurance and player protection through technology

In order to better meet your own matters, the DAW recently Cornerstone paper Published that the umbrella organization would like to see implemented in the future Gaming State Treaty. The quality assurance of commercial legal gambling in USA is a superordinate concern. The associations would like to ensure this requirement through sustainable player protection and better certification systems.

The demand for more security through innovative technical installations such as The biometric player recognition system. Inpatient arcades or casinos could therefore effectively help to support game addicts in terms of self -closing.

Biometric systems recognize the identity of people before entering a arcade. If appropriate data and information are stored in the system, the person could be denied access. Unlike personal control by employees or the self -responsible self -control, mistakes are almost impossible here. Of course, for example, the age of a person could also be checked in this way, so that too The youth protection strengthened would.

Training and further training for employees

However, the American automatic economy does not only focus on technology to implement its own demands. The arcades themselves and their employees are also considered. In particular, the DAW wants “Social concepts and employee training” Uniformly elaborate and teach to sensitize employees to youth and consumer protection.

At best, a uniform concept would be developed throughout USA and therefore across the federal state, where, according to the umbrella organization Participate in universities and sciences should.

You also want Install a new certification system. According to the presentation of the American automatic economy, arcades would have to apply for a certificate in the future and thus prove that it is a legal gaming company that complies with all legal regulations. Thus, authorities would also have an easier game to identify illegal providers and to take them off the market.

A professionalization of the entire industry at DAW is desired anyway. Especially with the staff, it is necessary to Access to professions from the machine industry To make it difficult to make qualifications from applicants who have been acquired in advance by these in courses or training courses. The extent to which all of these claims are ultimately included in the new Gaming State Treaty will be shown at the latest next year.