Cooperation across national borders: Sweden and Gibraltar’s gambling authorities decide on cooperation!

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Lennart folder 20. May 2019

Gambling is now being organized transnational. Thanks to digital techniques and online gambling, this is also no problem at all, but this also creates new challenges and regulatory tasks that affect several nations at the same time. Exactly this is the reason why the first cooperation between two different regulatory bodies for national gambling has now been decided. The gaming authorities from Sweden and Gibraltar recently announced that they wanted to support each other in the future, especially in operational business.

With the departure of Great Britain from the European Union, a lot is likely to change for gambling strongholds such as Gibraltar. © pixabay

Common interests – mutual help

While nations and companies in Europe are still arguing and discussing how to support each other in common problems without having to submit national skills to a supranational authority, two state authorities from Sweden and Gibraltar show how Simpel one transnational cooperation but can be. sweden’s gaming authority that Gaming Inspectorate, the gambling in the Scandinavian country monitored and regulated, left on his own Twitter channel a few days ago and through one joint press release said that one cooperation with the gaming authority from Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Gaming Division, had been received. the goal is above all a more effective operation, since both authorities have common tasks and interests. the cooperation is expected to be aimed exclusively for the operational business. a specific example would be if a gaming provider works in both national markets. in such a case, the two regulatory authorities wanted to ensure that the legal duties and privileges for the gambling provider as uniformly as possible in order to contain bureaucratic obstacles and not to disturb the economic operation unnecessarily. in addition, it goes out loud Andrew Lymann, Director of the Gibraltar regulatory authority, but also to be able to better enforce interests of players. Cooperation should therefore also have a positive effect on customer protection, ensure higher market transparency or reduce criminal activities of dubious providers.

“Some companies that received Swedish gambling licenses have technical equipment in Gibraltar or a Gibralian license. By opening this new communication channel between the supervisors, we can strengthen our control activities. This is the beginning of a long -lasting cooperation. We have already signed a declaration of intent with the Maltese gambling supervision this year and would also like to expand our cooperation with other European gaming regulators. ”

Sweden’s gaming authority wants to build a partner network

The cooperation with the counterpart from Gibraltar is not quite as limited to the operational business as it is claimed by Sweden’s regulatory authority, at least then. Because if you consider that the spel inspections in Sweden only since then January 01, 2019 there should be ahead that strategic intentions may be hidden behind cooperation commitment. because to do it at all international gaming market it is needed to be recognized, a network in which there are best partners who can on the one hand have expertise, but also have existing relationships with private gambling providers. the swedish authority will have to deal intensively with them in the future. the reason for this is a New gambling law in Sweden. recently it has recently been private providers who do not come from sweden, but act from another country, allowed to carry their gambling offer to swedish players. sweden de facto liberalizes his own gaming market and opens up to international competition. since international companies in the gambling industry, especially if they are working online alone on the internet, but only difficult to control are, Sweden’s gaming authority will be dependent on cooperation with other national regulatory agencies.

Gibraltar’s regulatory authority with fear of Brexit

However, the Gibraltar’s gambling authority, taking into account the current political situation within the European Union, should also have even deeper intentions than players protection in mind. Because as part of Great Britain and the person concerned of an upcoming Brexits could a large wave of emigration of international companies be imminent to the small country after leaving the european community. are up to date Many gaming companies in Gibraltar settled who not only employ people from other european countries, but of course also pay taxes. after brexit, international business could be severely restricted or at least more difficult, which could become a fundamental problem for the very small country in which the gambling sector is a large part of the state budget. with the cooperation that has now been published, gibraltar takes a position and makes it clear that it is despite brexit Furthermore part of the euro zone wants to be. it should also be clear that politics should be difficult to implement a hard brexit the more relationships between british authorities and companies and other european partners. gibraltars had already in april Chefminister Fabian Picardo Spoken against a premature Brexit and a long -term transition phase is required, in which a solution for the inevitable economic problems that are inevitably come to Gibraltar is to be found.