Congress for gambling

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Peter Brandt 22. November 2021

The sixth federal congress for gambling dealt with the current issues in the industry. The conference was digitally held this year due to the ongoing Corona pandemic and had invited numerous representatives from the gambling industry. Central topics were the fight against illegal gambling and the establishment of the joint gambling authority of the federal states (GGL).

Georg Stecker, Chairman of the Association “The American Automatism Economy”, said at the Federal Congress that the fight against illegal gambling only succeeds in sufficient and attractive legal offer. ((©Mohammed Kabir/Unsplash)

Illegal gambling in the municipalities

That Illegal gambling is one of the most acute topics that the industry has been struggling with for some time. During the past year, which was characterized by several Corona Lockdown phases, the Fight against illegal gambling activities all over the country.

Since the legal range of gambling due to the Pandemic security regulations was not temporarily accessible, The black market flourished literally. In metropolitan areas such as Berlin, the situation sometimes took over, so that the authorities and police hardly came after the educational work.

For this reason, the discussion about the status quo and the options for action in combating illegal gambling in the municipalities formed a focus during the web conference. For one Potent and targeted exchange were invited to representatives of the industry and representatives of local politics. Participants included Georg Stecker, board spokesman for the umbrella organization “The American Automatism Economy”, Jürgen Trümper, Managing Director of the Working Group against Spiel addiction, and Christian Benzrath, head of the Ordnungsamt of the City of Langenfeld.

Solutions for the future. The Federal Congress for Gaming has set itself the task of bringing all important and relevant parties in the industry to a discussion table annually in order to take on the current status of gambling. The focus is on a common exchange that should reveal solutions and ideas for the future.

Canalization order through legal offer

The strengthening of the illegal gambling is in particular Georg Stecker and his association has been a thorn in the side for a long time. The board spokesman appealed during the high phase of the Corona pandemic and also in the elaboration and ratification phase of the new Gambling State Treaty (GlüStV) in the regularity of politics. The focus was always on the Fulfillment of the channeling order And the associated containment of the illegal gambling.

Plug raised the Importance of the legal state -based game offer out. In his opinion, licensed casinos, arcades and betting shops are the key to decisively reduce the illegal market. However, legal framework conditions would have to be created to provide the licensed gaming offer. In this regard, Stecker explained that the most effective remedy for illegality was a sufficient and attractive legal offer.

Therefore, the legal offer must be strengthened and tough against illegal providers. Game guests should be Feel deliberately addressed by the attractiveness of the legal gamblingso that they would also perceive this. Otherwise it could not develop its sewer effect. Paid drinks and dishes or also applicable bans in the legal gambling are also factors that make the illegal gambling offer more attractive.

Building the gaming authority

By the end of 2023 the GGL record all of your areas of responsibility can and be fully functional. This was the result of the exchange as part of the second large themed block. The board members Ronald Benter and Benjamin Schwanke reported on the current status and the challenges of building the authority.

More themed blocks. In the sixth Federal Congress on Gaming, in addition to the focus, advertising for legal offers and gaming -relevant offers on the net were discussed.

The GGL will divided into different departmentsthat should focus on different areas of responsibility: administration, combating illegal online gambling as well as permission and supervision for the legal game. The department for the containment of the illegal online game will probably be able to start their operational activities on July 1, 2023. The remaining areas, on the other hand, are only ready for use at the end of 2023.

According to Benter, apart from the infrastructure structure, the main Personnel acquisition a real challenge. Since the GGL is to be equipped with maximum expertise, the recruiting procedure would be very time-consuming. Despite the difficult task, however, the board is satisfied with the applicant.

Search for expertise. In your search for suitable employees, Benter and Schwanke would have obtained information from Brigitte Sand, former head of the Danish regulatory authority. This in turn would have confirmed the challenges of personnel management. When the authority was founded in Denmark, she noticed relatively quickly that the acquiration of experts takes a lot of time and patience. At the same time, she advised the GGL to strive for an exchange with gambling providers at eye level. Only in this way is it possible to implement the canalization of the market effectively and effectively.