Comeback: casino Bad Neuenahr

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Peter Brandt July 18, 2023

The Bad Neuenahr casino will celebrate its comeback in the city’s historic station building in the near future. The old location in the Kurhaus was completely destroyed in the course of the flood disaster last summer. In a recently published video, those responsible for the casino show how the future resumption of the game operation is in the new home.

On the night of July 14th to 15th, 2021, the Ahr stepped over the banks and turned into a raging water flow in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. ((©LucyKaef/Pixabay)

Destruction by floods

Nobody will forget July 14, 2021 so quickly in USA. On this day a natural disaster occurred that A swirl of devastation left behind in the west of the Federal Republic. Due to enormous precipitation, the Ahr stepped over the banks and mutated into a devastating tidal wave at night, which literally sank some regions in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

Ahr. The tributary of the Rhine measures almost 89 kilometers in length and flows through North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. The water is actually considered calm and idyllic, but could no longer grasp the enormous amounts of water on the night of July 14th to 15th.

Bad Neuenahr was also affected by the flood disaster. The association-free city in northern Rhineland-Palatinate was completely devastated by the water masses. Buildings and infrastructure are still in the reconstruction, which is converted Eight million $ will cost.

The Kurhaus, the traditional location of the local casino,, like all other facilities, was completely recorded by the water current and completely devastated. In the published video this is The extent of the destruction is still clearly recognizable. The outer facade has been stabilized, but the rooms in the interior are similar to a mud -like swamp landscape. Slot machines, tables and the entire interior are completely muddy, dirty and destroyed.

New location in the station building

Relatively quickly after the flood disaster, it was clear to those responsible for the casino that the Kurhaus can no longer serve as a location for the casino in the future. the Damage was simply too great. However, nobody wanted to make a trend -setting decision so early after the accident. It took several months for those responsible to communicate publicly how the casino should continue.

At the beginning of the year it was announced that a New and suitable location for the casino was found – the historic station building. Located in the main street of the city, the building remained largely spared from the tidal wave And does not require any major repair work.

Rental contract. The rental agreement with the owners of the station building was signed months ago and initially comprises a term of three years.

View of the new home

Thomas Salinger, technical manager of the casino, and Michael Seegert, managing partner, grant the publication in the publication Exclusive insights into the new location And show how the comeback of the casino is.

The station building still looks quite bare and lifeless from the inside, but this is not surprising in view of the necessary restructuring. Due to the significantly smaller area, which the new location has in contrast to the Kurhaus, the range of games must be adjusted accordingly. Means: The visitors expects one Reduced selection of games.

In the lower area, in the future the classic game take place. According to Seegert, the offer includes two tables for roulette and blackjack. In addition, the bar operation on the ground floor will be housed.

Souvenir of the Kurhaus. The flood disaster destroyed almost everything in the Kurhaus, but at least the chandeliers could be saved, some of which are housed in the station building as a souvenir of the former traditional location.

Bureaucratic challenges

The planning and the restructuring of the station building will be completed in the near future. This means that important prerequisites for the targeted comeback of the casino are fulfilled, but according to those responsible some challenges are mastered, before the game can be resumed.

The casino is currently located still in the approval process, which goes back to the changed change in use. Since the station building has never kept as a gambling facility, some bureaucratic hurdles have to be overcome in order to be able to declare the new location as a casino.

Furthermore The mandatory reports are still missingthat is normally created relatively early. However, the required experts are still in short supply in Bad Neuenahr, since the Reconstruction pulls into the length.

Comeback uncertain? Those responsible for the casino have fulfilled their part in order to resume the game in a timely manner. Now it is up to the authorities to clarify bureaucratic matters as soon as possible. However, this makes a precise dating of the comeback relatively difficult. However, Seegert and Salinger hope to welcome guests to the station building this year.