China makes serious in the fight against illegal gambling

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Peter Brandt 29. June 2020

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security announced its success figures in the fight against the illegal gambling in China last Monday. According to this, around 229 billion Yuan, the equivalent of around 28.8 billion $ , have been confiscated from illegal gambling. In the course of combating illegal gambling, around 11,500 suspects or convicted people have already been arrested. Among other things, the cross -border cooperation with the Vietnamese authorities contributed to this. The Chinese population is also asked for help.

In the fight against illegal gambling, the Chinese authorities are serious and have already arrested more than 11,500 suspects. ((©quinonesnaomy/Pixabay)

Investigations do not stop at national borders

According to a report by the Global Times, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security was able to smash a total of 148 criminal associations and 187 illegal financial service providers in addition to the confiscated money from illegal gambling and the numerous arrests. In the course of this, more than 27,000 bank accounts were frozen. Successes were also recorded in the online area. All in all 368 Illegal online gambling platforms were dissolved. In the context of the investigation, various offenses could also be recorded that are dining from the areas of money laundering, fraud, human trafficking and kidnapping.

Many of the cases shown by the ministry and published in the report included the so -called “Cross -border gambling”. Various foreign online Casinos, or land -based providers, had recruited foreign players using China -based operators and tried to lure them into their casinos. Furthermore, perpetrators were convicted who had organized illegal gambling events abroad from the Middle Kingdom. Many participants also come from the field of technical support or the financial transactions for illegal gambling. On April 26 of this year alone, over 100 people who worked in the illegal gambling were arrested in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi Zhuang in cooperation with the Vietnamese authorities.

China and Vietnam start joint anti-gambling operation. In order to be able to effectively oppose the illegal, often cross-border gambling, the Chinese authorities with other foreign law enforcement authorities have launched a joint anti-happiness operation. The cooperation was created by the arrest of around 380 Chinese citizens by the Vietnamese authorities. The suspects led the investigation into a large online gambling ring in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security Located in Vietnam, illegal gambling platform have traded. All financial transactions have taken place through payment service providers such as Wechat and Alipay. According to an employee of the ministry, a “zero tolerance strategy” is pursued during law enforcement, since the deeds massively impaired economic security, social stability and the image of China.

Chinese authorities are addressing the population in the fight against illegal gambling

Due to the corona pandemic, the activities in the field of illegal gambling had increased massively. For this reason, the Chinese authorities started massively intensifying the fight against illegal gambling from the end of February. In the same way, the ministry made a clear appeal to the Chinese population. In this the ministry warned Before sensitive punishments And at the same time, the population also took the obligation to “actively participate in the persecution and containment of criminal activities”.

Special website for the information collection with illegal gambling. A “comprehensive reporting platform for combating cross -border gambling” is to be set up by the Chinese authorities in order to give gambling the opportunity to display themselves. The background is the almost complete ban on gambling in China. In addition to self -ads, normal citizens also have the opportunity to easily report when it comes to illegal gambling in their neighborhood. If the note then leads to a successful determination, including the arrest, a monetary reward is entitled to a monetary reward of the equivalent of 6,200 $ .

The financial incentives for the help of the population in the fight against illegal gambling have already been in the first few months Effective procedure proven. However, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security made it clear that it will not let go in the next few months in the fight against illegal gambling.