China blocks gambling apps

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Peter Brandt December 16, 2020

China is said to have blocked apps with gambling content due to complaints about “illegal” activities on the net. In any case, the “South China Morning Post (SCMP)”, which sees a renewed demonstration of power by the Chinese government on the Internet, leaves it. The regulatory authority “Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC)” is said to have banished around 105 apps from the domestic market. In addition to applications with gambling content, content with pornographic, violent and other connection is also affected by the all -round strike.

Any form of gambling is prohibited in China. ((© Enriquelopezgarre/Pixabay)

Complaints as a trigger?

The “Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC)” announced on Tuesday on its website that the apps affected by the block Complaints from Chinese Internet users were pulled out of traffic. The Chinese regulatory authority left open how many users actually complained about obscene, pornographic, violent and other illegal online content. In addition to known apps such as “Tripadvisor”, there were also applications with gambling content that fell victim to the spell.

Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC). The CAC was founded in 2014 and functions as a central regulatory, censorship, supervisory, supervisory and control authority for all activities on the Internet that take place within the People’s Republic of China. The CAC is led as an important organ directly by XI Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party and China’s President.

The CAC justified the removal of the apps by the fact that they are based on their content and services violate several Chinese laws and regulations should have. The Internet control authority did not provide any information on which specific crimes are placed on the operators of the respective applications. The Chinese government also did not comment on the drastic measures as a superordinate authority.

Machtdemonstration im Internet

According to the “South China Morning Post (SCMP)”, the recent CAC measures illustrate the aim of the Chinese government, which State supremacy on the Internet to maintain and to exercise authoritarian control in the digital space. The blocking of the apps with gambling content and other illegal content is only the tip of the iceberg. A popular mobile browser is said to have been banned by the CAC more than a month ago. As a reason, the regulatory authority stated that this way of better controlling the information chaos in Chinese cyberspace.

Under the Chinese President Xi Jinping, the ruling communist party further tightened the path of authoritarian politics. The government’s presence is particularly high on the Internet. The SCMP is not the only journalistic authority that repeatedly the procedure in China in terms of Propaganda and censorship bears the public. Numerous media representatives from all over the world regularly report censored content that the Chinese government classified as unsuitable. These include pornography, gambling, “false” news and other political opinions.

Complete monitoring? According to a report by the SCMP, the latest blocking of numerous apps is a coordinated campaign of China. The government is intended to systematically try to block apps and websites by the CAC as a regulatory body on the Internet since 2014. In this regard, the “New York Post” reported that the CAC manager Zhuang Rongwen and his regiment continues to restrict freedom on the Internet. For example, government measures are said to have been taken to monitor media companies in China.

Gambling in China

The restrictive policy of the People’s Republic of China affects the gambling industry enormously. In the Middle Kingdom, all services or offers that contain the content of gambling have been prohibited for several years. This ban applies to both Online-Casinos As also for stationary casinos. The Chinese government does not cut out and does not allow mobile apps, slot machines or sports betting. However, there is an exception. State -approved lottery companies act as the only way to legally play gambling in China.

Although gambling in many parts of the world Liberalization process The Chinese government has reinforced the ban on gambling again this year and adopted a kind of new edition that meant further restrictions for the industry. In this way, the new legal framework should not only completely ban gambling, but also formulate future restriction. In addition to casinos, slot machines and mobile apps that enable any kind of money gains, gripping machines also fall under The tightened ban. Since money is paid on this device reform and a profit is not guaranteed, they are classified as a gambling and are prohibited accordingly.

Extension of the restrictions. China has pushed its restrictive gait in many areas this year. Not only the gaming industry has to struggle with hard bandages in the People’s Republic. The entire entertainment industry is also increasingly being pushed into the tightness. From this year, all types of game and leisure activities must be licensed in an elaborate procedure. The applicant must show the device in an overall overview, demonstrate functioning and use and reveal information about the front and backend.