CES shows Gaming Trends 2021

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Peter Brandt February 1, 2021

There were new electronics trends on the consumer Electronics Show (CES)-also in online gambling. However, it should not surprise little that this trade fair, usually visited by tens of thousands of people, which traditionally takes place in the Gaming highburg Las Vegas, in this case only on the Internet for curious and fans of electronics trends from numerous areas as well as for actors from the industry itself was to be experienced. But which, if not this fair, would be predestined for a purely digital appearance? And that’s how it came. From January 11th to 14th, 2021, numerous technology innovations and electronics trends were presented, and the focus was also on online gambling, which this year wants to deal intensively with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

2021 could be the year in which cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and blockchain technologies are also established in online gambling. ((© Geralt/Pixabay)

Gaming metropolis Las Vegas miss millions of income

There are only a few suitable places than Las Vegas for one of the largest electronics fairs in the world. Ultimately, a glittering Las Vegas with its bright casinos and pompous light spectacles would hardly be conceivable without modern electronics. In recent years there has been a better reason for the dazzling city in the desert of the US state of Nevada Consumer Electronics Show (CES) To stop at your own location, namely a financial.

The fact is that the world’s largest electronics fair for consumer technologies counts almost 200,000 visitors year after year, and of course visits to Las Vegas not only the electronics event itself, but also linger in the local hotels for several days and should also visit one or the other Las Vegas casino are not averse; And there will also be intensively looking for the gaming tables and slot machines for a search for luck and the big win. This at least proves the following number: Last year, in the period of the CES Over $ 290 million implemented by companies based in Las Vegas. This sales sum achieved in just a few days can be seen in Las Vegas.

However, for known reasons, the CES 2021 could not take place in Las Vegas this year, and the income would have come to the case of the many local shops that have come into trouble in the present time. Because even if the well-known US metropolis Las Vegas gradually recovered and new future projects are being planned, went and go economic consequences of corona pandemic Even the once financially well -finished casinos and hotels are not over without a trace. In the future and as quickly as possible, you want but bring the ces back to Las Vegasat best already in 2023. Despite Corona, a better future is not only in Las Vegas, but was also a basic topic on the CES 2021.

“The industry came together digitally at CES 2021. This was a medium for companies to make announcements, bring products onto the market and connect with their audience. The fully digital format even brought new voices into the technology-oriented conversation. ”Do secret, VIZE-PRIZE CENTERIN THE CONSUMER CONSUMERY ASSOCY, Official press release on the CES

Online gambling industry sees cryptocurrencies as an opportunity

So far, it was particularly difficult for companies in the gaming industry, especially for online casinos, for technical and legal reasons, especially for companies in the gambling industry Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a means of payment or to use generally for payment processing with customers and to offer their own community of players. Due to the many progress and the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies last year, Bitcoin and Co. are to be used successively this year in digital casinos on the Internet.

In particular, because the Gambling industry often has difficulty offering its players on the web a wide range of various payment methods, cryptocurrencies could be new and reliable alternative. In addition, it was emphasized on the CES, payments through blockchain technologies bring many advantages in the area of security, which means, for example, Problems with uncertain financial transactions eliminated could become.

“The fully digital CES 2021 mobilized the global tech community to experience innovations, produce networks and do business. The CES showed how the pandemic accelerated the innovation sheet and aroused the resilience and the innovation spirit of our industry. From the latest innovations for home and entertainment to progress in the areas of 5G, vehicle technology, AI and digital health, the technologies on CES 2021 will pave the way for a better morning. ”Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, Official press release on the CES