Casino: policeman misappropriated fines

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Peter Brandt March 3, 2021

A former police officer from Switzerland misappropriated fines to finance his search for casino. The 61-year-old pensioner was accused of qualified embezzlement, multiple embezzlement and multiple forgery of documents. The district court of Uri sentenced the man to a conditional imprisonment of 14 months. The trial period is three years, which is like a suspended sentence in USA. In addition, he has to pay costs and fees of a total of CHF 12,000.

The former police officer played out most of the misappropriated money in Casinos. ((©GregMontani/Pixabay)

Fine for gambling

The convict worked as a policeman in the Swiss canton of Uri until his pension and used his labor law privileges to systematically use the fines taken up for his own purposes. For a total of over CHF 9,000, the 61-year-old man has issued a total of 55 places of order. However, the money flowed through detours and late into the state treasury. Since the former policeman held the role as group leader of the standby and traffic police, he was able to misappropriate the sum taken in cash without direct control. It was only when an investigation was initiated after persistent suspicions showed where the sum had ultimately flowed. So became a large part of the misappropriated amount used for searching for casino. A clear case of qualified embezzlement for the district court.

Creed. During the investigation and legal proceedings, the former police officer was cooperative and confessed to the full extent of his crimes. This caused a abbreviated procedure to the district court of Uri, which has been done without plea. Only a short survey by the accused was scheduled before the judgment was issued.

Over 100,000 francs from the association’s fund

In addition to qualified embezzlement, the accused was also convicted of multiple embezzlement as cashier of the Uri cantonal police. Thanks to his position as cashier, he had sole access to the corresponding bank account. The man systematically abused this monopoly between 2008 and 2018. All things Considered he resolved over 100,000 francs during this period. This money used both for his personal livelihood and for games in casinos.

Plan does not work. Although the former police officer misappropriated immense amounts of money, he intended to fully repay all liabilities of the association. Using the casino profits, he planned to pay the covers made via deposits and at the same time earn money for his livelihood. In the ten years of the offense, he always managed to stuff the financial holes. However, there were often not enough funds in the association’s account to compensate for the liabilities. So his lying construct gradually began to crumble.

Fake bank extracts

The 61-year-old pensioner tried to disguise the misappropriated funds from the police association with structured documents for falsification. From 2007 to 2017 He changed over 100 bank extracts in regularity of the corresponding account. He wanted to make sure that his references to the Casino visits and other private purposes are not discovered. The police auditors were deceived for ten years. This was made possible by various veiling methods. One of his most common stitches aimed at the Saldi. Again and again he increased this by only one single digit, so that he did not suspect a great suspicion. But other trick series were also part of his systematic forgery of documents. He changed around the year, increased the habenzin or adapted the amount of bank expenses depending on the situation.

die For a long time, none of the auditors noticed. The remuneration, the resulting expenses and also the deposits made for the compensation, which would have opened the entire extent of the forgery of documents, did not appear on the extracts due to the veiling methods. The actual sum in the account was never displayed. The auditors always found much more a higher balance to ensure the payment of the association’s liabilities on paper.

Prison scope for forgery of documents. Although every state is a falsification of documents as a illegal act, the interpretation usually differs. Swiss law defines documents for falsifying documents as the creation of an illegal advantage or damage to other rights by falsifying a signature or similar personal signatures. This act of deception entails a prison sentence for up to five years or a fine. In particularly light cases, defendants have the opportunity to advocate a prison sentence for up to three years.

Period in Austria too

A similar immunity scenario with involvement of gambling was recently informed in Austria. A bank employee was sentenced to two years in prison because he was within a few months Customer funds redirected to his private account Has. The Vienna Regional Court put the financial damage at almost 500,000 $ . During the process, the accused said that he had played the money in online casino. Especially in Sports betting Most of the misappropriated amount flowed. Just like the 61-year-old pensioner from Switzerland, the Austrian bank employee relied on forgery of documents to cover up his actions. In the course of the investigation, it was demonstrated that he manipulated the account statements of his customers.