Casino in Osaka can open in 2026

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Peter Brandt January 8, 2020

The mayor of Osaka, Ichiro Matsui, has announced his consent to the opening of an integrated resort after the World Exhibition 2025. At first it was planned to open a possible integrated resort (IR) before the end of the world exhibition. This is now off the table because the mayor has set up a new schedule that only provides for the opening in 2026. This change is recorded as part of the application criteria of the casino operators.

In addition to six other cities in Japan, Osaka is a promising candidate for one of the three integrated resorts. ((© MASASHIWAKUI/PIXABAY)

Integrated Resort in Osaka should be ready by 2025

Japan has recently loosened his strict gambling rules and wants to implement large -scale projects that consist of huge integrated resorts, including an area of casino games. Three integrated resorts are to be built over the next few years. Osaka is applying alongside other well -known Japanese cities As a location for a IR.

Japan’s casino resort plans still have to wait. Legal and bureaucratic hurdles have not yet been overcome. In addition, displeasure in the population is also spreading in some applicant cities. Many Japanese do not want a IR in their hometown. So far, the plans have provided for a possible opening in 2025 on time for the world exhibition. Now Ichiro Matsui has as mayor of Osaka an opening until 2026 in prospect provided, although the opening in 2025 was only determined as a deadline in early December.

Hiroyuki Ikeda, deputy director of the Kansai Association of Corporate Executives, held a press conference on December 5, on which he wish his wish for a complete opening of the IR as part of the Expo 2025. Osaka is the host of Expo 2025 And as with other world exhibitions, numerous visitors also expect. Of course, IR could also benefit from this rush if the opening takes place at the same time. Hiroyuki Ikeda also called a deadline of the Opening up to the Expo 2025 as a big advantage. The chances of finally being selected as a location for the IR would be greater with a timely opening.

Despite the mega project in the short time, Hiroyuki Ikeda was optimistic that time would be enough. “The construction of the infrastructure can be mastered if all of Japan is motivated.” The necessary Creating infrastructure is the biggest problem, since building delays were considered the main reason that the resort may not be able to finish in time. This included the development of a congress hall, a shopping center, a hotel, play areas and other facilities.

“So far, Osaka was firmly convinced that it could achieve a synergy effect by opening an IR before the start of the Expo. This would be fully exhausted the earnings options. However, the possible casino operators have long been concerned about such a short schedule for the construction. ”

Realistic appointment only in spring 2026

Now seems the originally schedule, however, thrown over the pile. The city of Osaka cannot ignore the concerns of the candidates who are traded as a casino operator. Even if the city and the district government worked closely with the operators, it would apparently be impossible to adhere to the deadline. The mayor of Osaka admits to the operators that he cannot do any impossible conditions.

The biggest challenge is The strict conditions for Japan’s casino resorts to fulfill. Among other things, these are required that the Core facilities can be completed at the same time as the casino. These core facilities include an international conference and trade fair center as well as hotels. Further requirements are placed on the visitor capacity and the size of the system.

However, the city of Osaka seems to have fallen behind. The requirements that other applicant locations have already met are not yet implemented by Osaka or have no extensive planning. Furthermore, the difficult starting point is tightened not only by the nationally applicable conditions. Osaka calls for the construction of a System that far beyond the defined criteria go out the Japanese government. This has already resulted in a hesitation of the possible operators, since they did not consider the deadline to be sufficient up to a realistic opening date.

In his press conference, Ichiro Matsui noted that the possible operators should not be deterred by such deadlines. So it looks like a Ir in Osaka in the spring of 2026 at the earliest can open its gates. According to the city, various options for the opening are weighed. The full opening of all planned institutions of the IR is already up for debate. A partial opening of the facility, which at least corresponds to the national standards, is also possible.

“Due to the planning problems and stricter conditions in Osaka, the three casino operators Las Vegas Sands, Melco Resorts and Wynn Resorts have already focused on Yokohama as a location. The remaining candidates for Osaka are MGM Resorts, the Galaxy Entertainment Group and Gentting Singapore. ”