Casino operator wants to maximize profit through algorithm

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Peter Brandt 23. August 2019

Digitization over and over again. The Buzzword of our time also plays a central role in the gambling industry. Digital techniques enable a new gaming experience and are probably responsible, among other things, that gambling experiences an unprecedented boom. A disruptive technology should now even enable casino operators to find lucrative players. These could then become the goal of special attention, but in the end the player should only tempt the player to continue playing. But is that legitimate?

Big Brother is watching you! Monitoring by cameras is also to be intensified in casinos. ((© image source)

Casino operator in Macau is developing a new marketing concept

Without Algorithms this world is hardly imaginable. the mathematical formulas are also the crucial instruments when it comes to digital gambling on the internet or on slot machines in order to be able to ensure that gambling actually depends on happiness-and the probability advantage is always with the provider and not with the player. in macau, algorithms would now be used for another purpose. specifically, it should be about using mathematical formulas to categorize the behavior of gambling in casinos. In the end it is all about to identify lucrative players, that is, those casino seekers with whom you can potentially earn the most money. this will be in particular the players who, on the one hand, arrive with a lot of capital, play high stakes and cannot be put off by loss series, but instead continue playing. in order to track down these casino attendants, the company based in macau wants to Las Vegas Sands Corporation use modern cameras. these can already be found in the macau gambling stronghold, but so far only security purposes have been used. a reprogramming could change this. new algorithms that are already at the face recognition Successful are able to collect data about game behavior, evaluate them and assign specific people. For gambling companies, especially of course casino operators, this system offers unexpected options.

“Special treatment” for special players?

But what could these options look like? Ultimately, every casino operator will be about the Maximize profits and minimize losses. and through the identification of players who play frequently and also have sufficient capital, at least the foundation is created on which a completely new marketing strategy can be built up. this could look like this, for example: cameras, special chips and prepared play tables in casinos could be collected by all casino visitors. based on this database, the algorithms would be able to create and evaluate statistics. so the current pool of visitors of a casino could be almost in real time classify after game typescasino operators would now be able to address and encourage visitors to the casino as “lucrative” and to continue playing. for example, this could be done casino operators would now be able to address and encourage visitors to the casino as “lucrative” and to continue playingcasino operators would now be able to address and encourage visitors to the casino as “lucrative” and to continue playing. for example, this could be done for example, this could be done Free spins, attentions such as restaurant invitations or free nights in the hotel of the casino building implement. incidentally, this procedure would not be completely new. for example, there is regularly in the online casino world Free spins as a bonusto encourage the players. In Macau in particular there are some companies that are on the Supervision of high scooters have concentrated. This clientele also focus The virtual high roller casinos. In close cooperation with the casino operators, for example, they ensure that individual wishes of the guests are fulfilled. Even that Flying in private jets Is not uncommon for particularly financially strong gambling – and still pays off economically.

“Those who can afford to lose, those who play even more when losing money, we can for sure offer them a free meal.”

Player-staring possible despite data protection?

The new targeting system is still located by algorithms in the development phase. The first tests have already started. Technically, at least as much is certain, the new marketing concept could be implemented in the near future. But the question remains how it is Legal basis stands. because ultimately it seems questionable whether casino operators can use the records of surveillance cameras in particular to use this data for purposes, that do not serve to maintain security, to use. the regulatory authority responsible there has already switched on in macau. die „Directive of the coordination office for gambling in Macau“will and must check to what extent the data from surveillance cameras would be an illegal interference with the privacy of casino attendants. it should at least be clear that the records and also not the data derived from it may be passed on to third parties, which is also known to be considered a particularly lucrative business. apart from this, the plans are already in full swing. the las vegas sands corporation plans, To monitor over 1,000 gaming tables in the local casinos with cameras. This investment should certainly pay off statistically. It also remains questionable whether this technology is then also used in other countries. Finally the Irish gambling reform in the discussionthat provides to increase operations. Ultimately, casinos of risk -loving players earn ten times more than on “normal” casino seekers and casual players.