Casino mogul Steve Wynn before legal dispute

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Peter Brandt 27. November 2019

The successful casino operator Steve Wynn faces a long legal dispute. Employees raise serious allegations against the entrepreneur. The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) recently spoke publicly and wrote a 23-page complaint to the Nevada Gaming Commission against the now 77-year-old. Specifically, it is about sexual abuse. The accusation could not only have private, but also business consequences for Wynn.

Wynn stands for exclusivity in gambling. But now that could be imminent. (( © Danmschell/Pixabay.com)

Never again Wynn in Las Vegas?

Anyone who has already chased their luck in Las Vegas will inevitably come into being Wynn. Then Wynn Resorts One of the most impressive buildings in the already shimmering gambling stronghold in the US state of Nevada-Hotel and Casino is of course included.

Proud The construction devoured $ 2.7 billion the entire facility, which has been one of the most exclusive gambling centers in Las Vegas since 2005. Without the Wynn brand, Las Vegas is now hardly imaginable. However, this could change soon. Because founder and namesake, Steve Wynn, has recently been seen in serious accusations.

According to media reports, especially from The Wall Street Journal, the 77-year-old entrepreneur should be overall during his professional career Sexually harassed over 150 employees of the Wynn complex to have. The Nevada Gaming Commission imposed a penalty of $ 20 million against Wynn Resorts. Steve Wynn himself still shows the allegations.

“We are in a world in which people can make accusations regardless of the truth and in which one person only has the choice whether they want to endure the insults to the public or to conduct complaints for years. It is unfortunate for everyone who is in such a situation. ”Steve Wynn, Founder of Wynn Resorts

Nevertheless, it looks like Wynn cannot miss a legal dispute. Curiously, however, it is not the employees who currently want to bring Wynn to court, but the Nevada Gaming Control Board. This strives for the casino-tycoon to withdraw the lucky license. Thus, the incident could result from the entire Wynn brand.

Wynn “not integer”?

In October, the NGCB had already made efforts in a multi -page letter to have Steve Wynn withdrawn from the lucky license. In that letter of complaints that directly to the Nevada Gaming Commission as a licensor was directed, the supervisory authority called for a new classification of Steve Wynn as a person with inadequate integrity for the gaming sector.

Why does Wynn’s character class have an impact on his lucky license?“Unlike in many other countries in the world, happiness in the United States are only awarded to people if their character’s suitability has been determined. In addition to the economic requirements, licensees must also meet personality -related requirements. ”

So far, however, this has not been possible. This may also be justified by the fact that Wynn’s lawyers have already started legal steps and raise the question of the extent to which the gaming authorities have been authorized, Sanctions against a private person to impose.

In addition, Wynn’s lawyers pointed out that the entrepreneur already Since February 2018 no more than CEO than Wynn empire functions, therefore in no relationship with the licensors from Nevada.

In fact, Steve Wynn had cleared his management position in his own company and sold his entire company shares shortly afterwards. Overall should Wynn’s assets are now well over $ 3 billion lie. Regardless of this, Wynn’s lawyers asked the question in a reply:

“Has the Nevada legislation of Nevada expressly or tacitly authorize Nevada’s gambling regulatory authorities to discipline a person who is no longer involved in a Nevada happiness of the gods and is therefore no longer a suspected threat to the industry or the general public? Our answer to this question is a clear “no”. “

Allocation not without consequences

Apart from this personally unpleasant consequences for Steve Wynn, the business also had to be restructured. In the course of the publications, the entire management of Wynn Resorts had also come into focus. The upper management is said to have not been involved in the sexual attacks, but it was well known that the company boss was bothering employees. Allegedly the Incidents even deliberately covered up have been.

Probably also in order not to permanently damage the excellent image of the successful and exclusive casino and hotel brand Wynn, Wynn Resorts also agreed, also agreed, to pay high fines. Nevertheless, some high -ranking employees of Wynn Resorts ultimately found themselves in court. Since then, the new management days have been trying to improve the reputation of Wynn Resorts and to allow a new and transparent corporate culture.

For Steve Wynn himself, however, these measures should not have any positive consequences. Despite expensive legal advice, the billionaire will hardly be able to escape a long -term legal dispute, although fears that Wynn’s lawyers could delay the procedure for so long that Wynn may no longer go to court during his lifetime must answer.