Spielbank Konstanz has increasing sales figures

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Peter Brandt March 13, 2020

According to the recently published current sales figures, the long -lasting conversion measures in the Konstanz casino finally have an effect. In a report by the Südkurier, the earnings figures from 2019 were published. With a total gaming yield of 23.4 million $ , it was increased by a whopping 8.6 percent compared to the previous year. The Konstanz casino on Konstanzer Seestraße had previously converted and modernized its casino over several years. The measures now seem to be fruitful.

Comprehensive renovation work and modernization measures seem to have an effect on the Konstanz casino and contribute to increasing number of visitors. ((©stux/Pixabay)

Spielbanken record significant increase in sales

With the other two casinos, Casino Baden-Baden and the Stuttgart casino, a new one was able to do for Baden-Württemberg Record sales of 107 million $ be booked. The three state-licensed casinos of Baden-Württemberg are thus lined up in the general trend in USA. Despite massive competition from the online area in the country-based gambling, this is significantly up. Almost in all federal states, the casinos were able to record a noticeable upswing.

The state casinos in the state of Bavaria were finally able to record black. Although these are rather low compared to the rest of USA, the previous years in Bavaria looked much darker. Does the positive Trend on, the blacks are likely to continue to be written even in the southernmost state.

Spielbankenverband with positive numbers. ”The American Spielbankenverband recently published various figures on the development of the land -based gambling. The state casinos in the Federal Republic of USA were able to increase their sales by a whopping 25.6 percent last year. In 2019, the approximately 6.4 million visitors recorded income of around 860 million $ . ”

Investments seem to be paid out

Not only the Konstanz casino benefits from the extremely positive numbers. The city of Constance should also be happy about the development – also for monetary reasons. Because according to the report of the Südkurier, the city collected overall Three million $ in tax taxes The casino and that although the casino in Constance is the smallest casino in Baden-Württemberg. Success comes not only through a sudden change of heart among the players, but rather results from a plan that the management of the casino, the Baden-Württemberg casinos. GmbH & Co. KG, had developed with falling visitor numbers after weak years.

The casino should make the casino more attractive again. A lot of money was taken in hand for the implementation and the first steps took place ten years ago. The last finishing touches started in 2017. During the entire time, the game was maintained almost smoothly. As the core goals, the modernization of the Expansion of parking spaces, the improvement of accessibility and the construction of elevators inside set. The measures have not yet been completed, which is also pointed out on the website of the casino. Nevertheless, the game is not disturbed and the measures already implemented have an effect.

Does the competition come from the Internet?

Many experts see the successful trend of the land -based gambling, especially in the casinos, but one is expected to take place next year, Legal change in gaming regulation their shadow ahead. Legalization of the extensive illegal online gambling already seems to whirl the gaming industry a lot and could disturb the growth of the land-based gambling. However, the managing director of Baden-Württemberg Spielbanken, Otto Wulferding, sees the upcoming additional competitive situation calmly and refers to the advantages of a classic casino:

“With all the competition through online gap in conjunction- our visitors appreciate the feeling of life and play in the casinos. They want the live atmosphere in the casinos and reward the competence of our employees who give the game their face. ”

To what extent the gaming market in USA after the Liberalization of the online gambling game changed. At the moment, however, it can be stated that not only the casino Constance, but also most other state casinos can look forward to positive figures.