Casino chain MGM announces partnership with Boston Red Sox

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Maximilian Deininger March 20, 2019

Movement comes into play on the US gaming market. As we have already reported, the sports betting in the USA will be liberalized. Of course, this calls on the scene and also culminates in new public relations and marketing measures. A new partnership in this new environment has now been announced. The hotel and casino operator MGM enters a partnership with the traditional baseball club Boston Red Sox.

Fenway Park in Boston is known beyond the city limits.

MGM is involved in the MLB and the NHL

That MGM Resort aus Las Vegas Has announced that the Partnership with the Boston Red Sox is in dry cloths. Thus, the casino operator, who is one of the Big Players of the stationary casinos, got on in the world’s largest baseball league. And the Boston Red Sox are not just any team. They are among the most prestigious teams in the country and have already been able to collect nine titles of the World Series – most recently in 2018 and a total of four times during the 2000s. Good to know: mgm resorts international, according to the company’s full name, is one of the largest operators of hotels and casinos. overall, the company makes around ten billion us dollars a year. the most famous hotels and casinos are in the usa, but there are also well -known locations in macao, abu dhabi and dubai. with the signing of the partnership is MGM The first provider of gambling to work with a baseball club from the Major League. The company continues to expand its influence in the most important sports sports of the United States. Previously, at the end of last year Treaty with the NHL (National Hockey League), the MGM secures the rights to the NHL-owned game data and at NHL branding. MGM is therefore very quick in the processes, which is incredibly important in view of the competition on the sports betting market in the USA, which is already flourishing. MGM will appear broadly in the MLB in the future:

  • Advertising banner on the Home Plate in the stadium
  • Advertising banner on the field wall in the stadium
  • Send time in the Red Sox Radio
  • Promotion on the baseball winter weekend
  • Presence on other media platforms

Further advertising measures planned

MGM is therefore not only in the stadium, but also Around the media offers the Boston Red Sox can be seen. In addition to the always clearly visible areas on the home side and especially on the field wall, also known as Green Monster, the brand is placed. Furthermore, the casino and hotel operator Send time on the red-sox radio get and appear on the other media platforms such as the homepage of the boston red sox. the fans can also look forward to new events that are also offered by mgm over the year. for example, exclusive matchday experiences for vips in fenway park, the boston red sox stadium, are planned. also the annual takes place Baseball Winter Weekend The Red Sox will take place in the MGM Springfield. The partnership officially begins with the start of the 2019 season on March 20.

“This is an organic partnership between our two brands. MGM has set standards in gastronomy and entertainment industry. Her expansion in Commonwealth makes her a clear partner for us. We are enthusiastic to include them in the Red Sox family and look forward to long -term cooperation. .. “Sam Kennedy, President of the Boston Red Sox

„this is such a natural partnership for our two brands. mgm has set the standard in the hospitality and entertainment industry and their recent expansion into the commonwealth makes them a clear partner. we are thrilled to welcome them to the red sox family and look forward to a long collaboration.” the time has not been announced for which time the partnership has been limited. according to reports, however, it is about A long -term bond of the two partners. jim murren, the mgm ceo for the red sox, also had warm words.

Sports betting market in the United States will be booming

The partnership was announced shortly after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred reporters said in Bosten Sports betting for a large source of fan engagement hold. in order to maintain the integrity of the games, the mlb will introduce a new rule for the new season. the coaches must submit the constellations to the commissioner at least 15 minutes before the publication. to what extent this prevents game manipulations has to be opened. it is undisputed that the liberalization of the sports betting in the usa leads to a kind of gold digging mood. caesar’s entertainment, another big player from the hotel and casino industry, has already received a partnership with the nfl and last october has contracts with the philadelphia 76ers (nba) and the new jersey devils (nhl). the greatest attractiveness of the sports betting is connected to the mobile bets. since it used to be only possible in some casinos in the country to hand over sports betting, very few sports fans made use of it. since the law has changed, sales have been skyrocketed. in new jersey, for example, the delivery of online sports betting has been allowed for a long time. in january, $ 385 million in sports betting accounted for 80 percent on the online area. In the future, this will become a huge business for the operators, which in turn means new sources of income for the professional teams such as the Boston Red Sox.