Spielbank Berlin: Location at the Kudamm

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Peter Brandt March 10, 2021

The Berlin casino is planning a new opening on the Kurfürstendamm for May 1, 2021. For this, the previous establishment should give way to Los-Angeles-Platz. The gaming company announced on its homepage that the renovation and renovation measure should be completed in record time. However, the new opening is still communicated with reservation due to the Corona measures, since the further development of pandemic is not predictable. Nevertheless, the location on Kurfürstendamm should ensure a safe gaming experience with its own hygiene and security concept.

From May 1, 2021, the ball is scheduled to roll in the new casino of the Berlin Spielbank Berlin. ((© Meinester ramp/Pixabay)

Casino in an exclusive location

The Spielbank Berlin is represented with four casinos in the capital and will give up its establishment at Los-Angeles-Platz with the opening of the location on Kurfürstendamm. The company gives the lucrative geographical location of the Kudamm as the reason for the realignment of business. So the new location was in an exposed and exclusive situation, of which the gaming group hoped for an economic growth. The time-honored landmark building should serve for this. There are just 800 meters between the Kuhfürstendamm and the former casino on Los-Angeles-Platz.

The new casino should offer an area of around 1,000 square meters And distribute the gaming experience over several floors. It is planned that the classic gambling will take place on the upper floor. Two American Roulette, two Baccara and two Black Jack tables are to serve the traditionalists under the player. The gaming company also has the same intentions with the 40 TouchBet roulette stations, which will also be part of the upper floor. On the ground floor, the new casino on Kurdamm wants to convey the atmosphere of a lucrative game cave. A total of 100 slot machines are planned here, which will exude the unique casino flair. The structure is rounded off by a diverse gastronomic offer, which is supposed to make a visit to the Kurfürstendamm-Spielbank unforgettable.

Higher attractiveness. After exactly 37 years, the Spielbank Berlin will give up its location at Los-Angeles-Platz. A heavy but logical step for managing director Gerhard Wilhelm. In its view, the new establishment would be in the best location and neighborhood. It also absorbs the elegant environment and offer a large -scale player experience of the extra class. As a result, the company hopes that an even greater presence in the capital is hoping for, which, conversely, should significantly increase the attractiveness of the game offer.

Record -suspect conversion

Despite the Corona crisis, the extensive renovation and renovation measures of the new casino on Kurfürstendamm could be completed in record time. Wilhelm was enthusiastic about the complex situation around the virus. It is absolutely Impressive how quickly and goal -oriented, although the Pandemic effects have repeatedly presented the whole project with great challenges. Last but not least, it was also possible to implement the project quickly because of the landlord’s extensive cooperation.

Gaming metropolis Berlin. The American capital has many faces and is not considered an absolute tourist magnet for nothing. Culture, art, politics or history – Berlin is changeable and offers tremendous added value in many areas. However, gambling should not belong to the general public. The four locations of the Spielbank Berlin show which attraction has gambling in the capital. The casinos at Potsdamer Platz, Alexanderplatz, on the Ellipse Spandau and formerly on Los-Angeles-Platz welcome more than 600,000 guests every year. The new location on Kurfürstendamm should significantly increase the utilization again.

New opening in danger

The Federal Republic of Lockdown has been located by the government since November 2020 extended until March 28, 2021 became. For the gambling industry the struggle for the livelihood goes into the next round. This also affects the locations of the Spielbank Berlin, which must continue to keep their gates closed on the basis of the infection protection measures regulation.

Securing jobs. Gerhard Wilhelm was combative to the industry media despite the tense Corona situation. Although the four casinos of Spielbank Berlin are badly affected by the restrictions, he still appealed to the thoughts of solidarity. This is the only way to survive the crisis without damage. In this regard, he stated that the jobs of all 550 employees have been managed to date.

At the current time, the new casino on Kurfürstendamm will not come to the applicable Corona measures. Even if the reopening was only scheduled for May 1st, a renewed extension of the Lockdown is quite conceivable. The Spielbank Berlin has already prepared itself for this potential scenario and Your comprehensive hygiene and security concept. This is intended to take into account the SARS-COV-2 work protection standard of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.