Spielbank Berlin celebrates Elena Krawzow

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Peter Brandt October 15, 2021

As a sponsor of the Paralympics winner Elena Krawzow, the casino Berlin celebrated the athlete duly. The para swimmer secured her first gold medal at the Olympic Games in Japan and impressed 100m breaststroke in the discipline with a best time of 1: 13.46 minutes. The capital city casino and the athlete have been maintaining a partnership since 2019.

Elena Krawzow is an absolute star in para-swimming. ((©CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash)

Celebration in casino on Kurfürstendamm

After their impressive performance in the Paralympics the casino wanted to celebrate its sponsored athlete and recently invited Elena Krawzow into the newly opened establishment on Kurfürstendamm. Since 2019, the casino in the capital has been maintaining the para swimmer An authentic partnershipthat now culminated in the ultimate success.

The playground press release said that Gerhard Willhelm, the spokesman for the management, welcomed the Paralympics winner as part of a celebration in the casino. Flowers and a special financial bonus were presented to her. In a short laudation, Willhelm not only has the peak performance of the athlete, but also their natural way and optimus highlighted. The casino is accordingly proud to be able to accompany your career.

At the celebration, of course, the gold medal won was not missing, which Krawzow proudly presented. The almost 560 gram metal is the proof that would pay hard work, she said. The victory at the Paralympics is the reward for their hard training:

“The gold medal makes me incredibly proud and shows me that the hard training has paid off from up to 12 times a week. Tokyo was just fantastic, the gigantic architecture of the swimming pool was overwhelming. Unfortunately, only the audience was missing. “Elena Kingzow, Para swimmer and Paralympics winner, Official press release from the Spielbank Berlin

Successful sports career

Even if the victory at the Paralympics means the sporting highlight of Elena Krawzow, the swimmer has so far been able to look back on a very successful and, above all, impressive athlete career. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, she came to USA in 2005 at the age of eleven. Some time later she almost completely lost her eyesight. Today, their eyesight is only two percent.

However, the gold medalist never saw her handicap as a reason to lose her drive and will to live. She drew new strength in swimming, which quickly became her center of life. She decided to fully devote herself to sport and aimed at a professional career.

Ascent from 2012. Elena Krawzow made the first headlines at the Paralympics in London in 2012. The then newcomer surprisingly secured the silver medal over 100 meters of chest. From this moment it was an integral part of the European top and dominated para-swimming on the continent for years.

Top in Europe

Krawzow’s dominant phase started in 2014. Over 100 meters of breast, she took first place at the European Championships for the first time. In the years 2016, 2018 and 2020 nobody could hand her the water. she Successfully defended your title. But it is not only an elite across Europe. So she secured victory at the Para World Championship 2019 in London in the same discipline.

Your big one The Paralympics remained dream and Olympic gold. A dream that the Casino Berlin divided. As early as 2019, the casino was very confident that its sponsored athlete can rise to the absolute world elite.

Awareness of para-sport. When the partnership with Elena Krawzow was announced at the time, Gerhard Wilhelm explained that the Spielbank Berlin pursued the goal of increasing awareness of para-sport and sustainable to strengthen capital. A concern that the casino has been pursuing since it was founded over 40 years ago. As an exceptional athlete, Krawzow has a lot of radiance.

Naked in the “Playboy”

Krawzow recently used her success and the associated attention for topics that take place away from sport. So the Paralympics star showed itself naked in the “Playboy” before the games in Tokyo, which in turn Family caused great trouble should have. Several media reported that some family members are said to have even completely stopped with the athlete.

Message in the foreground. Krawzow replied to the media house “RTL” that parts were very conservative and therefore condemned the nude photo shoot. However, the message that is behind the photos was more important to her than the reaction of her own family. The blurring of the pictures shot should draw attention to the disease “Stargardt’s disease”, to which the Paralympics star is ill.