With blackjack, the chances of winning are quite good because the chance is close to the 50 percent mark. Nevertheless, some players like to use a technology that is officially not illegal – counting card. However, there are some information to consider when counting card. Card counting is not welcome in real casinos and casinos and casinos and can even lead to the house ban.

Casinos in the United States can determine rules in their house rules as they want and if it says that counting card is not allowed, it can have fatal consequences if you are caught. This article is intended to explain the technology of card counting, but we do not want to urge a player to apply card counting.

How does card counting work?

Card counting is based on a very simple theory. With blackjack you have an enormous advantage if you have an idea of which cards will come next. You can never know exactly, but the probabilities for some cards are higher than for others because the others have already been distributed, you can get a great advantage over the casino. The chance of a normal profit is already near the 50 percent and you can now get a small advantage by knowing which cards will most likely come, Blackjack can be transformed into a long -term game.

The simple and at the same time quite profitable method of counting card is the high-low system. If you follow this strategy, you don’t have to keep your cards out exactly. One is more likely to calculate a value that represents the remaining values in the map deck. It is a so -called “running count” technology in which each card has a certain value. With this simple system you will find out when the ratio between cards with a high and low value came out of balance.

The card values are divided in such a way that a whole stack of card should be played through that results in the end sum of zero. From the moment the first map of a newly mixed card deck is output, the player begins to count on the value of the card. As can be seen from the overview, the value is increased by one point at a low card, and a high card reduces the current value by one point. All cards from 7 to 9 are considered neutral and are not counted.

After the first round, however, the result of the count is not yet particularly precise. There are still far too many cards in the game when the one +1 indicates at the end of the first round that there are more cards with a higher value in the card deck. This is the case, but you can’t rely on it in the next round. Only when some hands were played and the card decks in the Shoe slowly go, can you bet on the result of the card counting.

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For this reason, some players do it so that they only watch a table for a few rounds. This makes you a little suspicious, but you can also watch the other players’ style of play at the table. In the real casino, however, this should only be used if you really master it “in your sleep”. The croupiers and chief security chiefs, who were trained to recognize such behavior, must not notice that you count in your head.

Well -known examples of successful card counters

We all like to hear stories from people who have managed to outsmart the casinos and celebrate a successful evening with cards. And the fact that there are some stories from the past in which professional blackjack players with cards were successful.

With Blackjack Team

This with Blackjack Team is feared by many casinos. Originally it was a group of students and former students of the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyThe strategies developed to beat various large casinos with the technique of card counters. They financed their group privately and collected in numerous casinos in the United States. Some members of this group were exposed at some point so that they were banned from a house in various casinos, but the only small group quickly increased. The team and its successors successfully operated the strategy from 1979 to the beginning of the 21st century and there are still some players who emulate the with Blackjack Team.

Who is who in the film “21” (2008)?

the film “21” is based on the bestseller “bringing down the house” by ben mezrich, who tells the true story of the blackjack team from the 1990s.

  • Ben CampbellBen Campbellplayed byJim Sturgessesreal person:Jeff maJeff ma
  • Jill TaylorJill Taylorplayed byKate Bosworthreal person:Jane WillisJane Willis
  • Jimmy FisherJimmy Fisherplayed byJacob Pittsreal person:Mike aponteMike aponte
  • all the moreall the moreplayed byTombreal person:Laurie TsaoLaurie Tsao
  • Micky RosaMicky Rosaplayed byKevin Spaceyreal person:Bill KaplanBill Kaplan

The great advantage of the group from the Boston area was their number. The interested parties were trained in regular sessions in halls, apartments and other rental rooms. In a test, the best players were sorted out, but also looked for some normal players with the talent for hidden. They put together groups that then sat together at a table and thus blurred the suspicion of counting card.

Tommy Hyland

Tommy Hyland is a notorious card counter of the Blackjack Gambling. He dominated the technology so well that at first nobody was suspected. The winnings piled up with the player and so he also founded a team in 1979. Originally, the team consisted of four players, each of which had to bring in $ 4,000 as a bankroll. Over $ 50,000 had already been won within a few months. The conditions deteriorated in Atlantic City, where the team had come to the scene and so they moved to Asia. One or the other from the team was grabbed and put him in court, but that it is not illegal to count the cards, the court had no choice: an intelligent strategy and no illegal tricks are used. One acquittal after the other was the result.

What do the casinos do against counting cards?

The casinos around the world have now become aware of the technology of card counting, but there will still be numerous players who successfully play with the technology. Nevertheless, the casinos have become much more sensitive. In the largest casinos in the world, for example in Las Vegas, you rely on state -of -the -art video surveillance with programs that can recognize the way of playing and behavioral features of a suspicious player. In addition, there is often a second croupier at the table, which focuses primarily on the players. The simplest remedy for card counters has now become standard. Instead of a small number of card decks, six packages of 52 sheets are usually played. Before all cards were used, all cards are mixed again.

frequently asked Questions

Carding card is a method that increases your chances of a profit by 50%. But there are certainly still some things that are still unclear. That is why I have created a detailed FAQ area for you that answered the most frequently asked questions.

Can I count cards when I play Blackjack online?

As the Card counting at Blackjack works, is quite simple. You can try this method not only to the land -based game stores, but also when playing online. But you should always be aware that you increase your chances with it, but do not automatically win with it.

Card counting in blackjack – safe profits possible?

You play in one of the Best blackjack online casinos, then you should be aware that you do not automatically win by counting the card. The only likely that you will decide the game in your favor. However, there is no guarantee of a profit.

Can you win the blackjack without cards?

You don’t necessarily have to count card to win. There are many different options that you can try. This also includes the Blackjack strategy table. This is particularly suitable for beginners among you, as this increases your chances of winning.

Is card counting with blackjack?

Carding card is a popular way to increase your probabilities for a win. But it is not welcome, especially in the land -based casino. Some operators rely on video surveillance to find the players. You can find out more about the topic In my separate test report.

What is the best system to count cards on Blackjack?

There are many strategies and systems, which is why it is important that you try out yourself. However, the best strategies With Blackjack Team Developed and was able to win a large sum. But you should also be aware that you will ban house if you get caught.