Canada: Sports betting soon legal?

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Maximilian Deininger December 4, 2020

Canada is about to liberalize the national sports betting market and is planning legalization. According to the Canadian news channel “CBC News”, a corresponding draft law of Justice Minister David Lametti is to legalize the sports betting in the North American country in the coming days. The focus of the new resolutions is on bets on individual sporting events that have not yet been legally allowed.

According to official information, the damage to the sports betting black market in Canada is estimated at around 14 billion CAD. ((© B_A /Pixabay)

Single bets become legal

With the statutory breakthrough of the legalization process for sports betting, the months of tug -of -day parliament come to an end. Many MPs had spoken in favor of liberalizing the sports betting market in order to healthy state influence to be able to exercise the booming industry.

The new case law would only require minor changes to the status quo of the Criminal Code (Criminal Code), as initial steps for opening the industry were taken in advance. The draft law of Justice Minister David Lametti stipulates that the player is allowed in the future to bet at individual sporting events such as ice hockey or football games. With the approval of the new resolutions, A ban on gambling for decades can be lifted, which according to expert opinions rinsed billions of CAD (Canadian dollar) into the black market.

Sports betting in Canada. In the current legal situation, sports betting in Canada are limited to the so-called “Parlay” bets. These only allow the players to set more than one game (combination bet). It is only possible to select the potential winning team. Extended shapes such as handicap, over/under or even live betting are in vain. The Canadian government wanted to ensure that the area of sports betting is subject to the greatest possible level of happiness. It is therefore not surprising that the chances of winning on a parlay bet are very low. Nevertheless, according to official information, the Canadians spend around 500 million CAD for this type of sports betting. The game is mostly played through lottery games like Pro-Line.

Increasing pressure is on the government

The new legislative decision was primarily whipped forward by the liberal party in the country, so that the government saw itself under more and more pressure. MPs from municipalities with large casinos – especially Windsor and Niagara Falls in Ontario – have repeatedly made themselves strong for the change of the Criminal Act over the past few months. Their endeavors not to limit the sports betting in the country to the “parlays” has now been approved after a long struggle. Last but not least, the Print from abroad A major role in the upcoming liberalization. Casino operators from the United States are said to have massively pleaded to continue to open the market in Canada. Finally he has Sports betting market in the USA already opened in this regard.

Of the Liberal MP IREK Kusmierczyk, who was elected Prime Minister of Windsor-Tecumseh last autumn, was very pleased in view of the upcoming change in the law. He had worked hard since the first day to realize the necessary Reformation for the sports betting market. The casinos and race tracks in its state would benefit from the improved conditions in the industry in the future. Irek Kusmierczyk wrote on Facebook:

“I am delighted that our government will legalize bets on individual sports events during this week. This success is to be seen as an absolute team success. “Irek Kusmierczyk, Prime Minister of Windsor-Tecumseh, Facebook page VO IREK Kusmierczyk

State announces the fight for the fight

In Canada, the popular Pro-Line game plays around 500 million CAD annually (the equivalent of around 323 million $ ), but this sales are in contrast to the Fine flow on the black market in no relation. According to estimates, the Canadian gambling association (Canadian Gaming Association) assumes that the Canadians will invest 14 billion CAD (9.05 billion $ ) annually through illegal providers. Of these, 10 billion would be implemented on the domestic black market alone. Money that escapes the state and is now to be flushed into the national health insurers through the liberalization of the market. Whether Canada similar Like the American state Until the illegal gambling is fought until this is not known. Legale Online Casinos And sports betting providers can contribute very high tax revenue to a country.

Also Paul Burns, Chairman of the Canadian Gaming Associationlooks optimistic about the future thanks to the change in the law. Corona has also asked the North American state a lot. Due to the pandeme-related health and security measures, just like in USA and many other European countries are both Arcades as well as horse racing routes closed until further notice. The new decisions would now give the sports betting industry again room for maneuver:

“It was a terrible year for our industry until here. The government does not require much to make changes to the Criminal Code, but it gives us a new way to offer and sell our product. As a result, we are able to win customers again for our business if pandemic survived and a safe return to normality is guaranteed. ”Paul Burns, Chairman of the Canadian Gaming Association, Article by CBC News