CAI: spirit of optimism despite losses

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Peter Brandt 7. May 2021

The Corona crisis year 2020 has caused enormous losses at the Casinos Austria International Group (CAI). Due to the rampant pandemic, the gambling group had to keep its own casinos and arcades across bodies. As a result, no players could be received for months. In the consequence, according to the recently published finance report, severe losses had to be accepted. Nevertheless, the company looks positively into the future and feel a kind of spirit of optimism. The continued complex situation would not change that.

The Corona crisis also hit the gambling industry and its actors hard. ((© Fernandozhimiminela/Pixabay)

Burglary by 38.5 percent

The year 2020 symbolizes crisis. In February of last year, an unprecedented pandemic spilled over the globe, the effects of which are still acute. In addition to the health dangers, it is above all that economic damagethat will follow mankind for a very long time. Umpteen industries have fallen victim to the pandemic effects And booked enormous drops in sales throughout the year – including the gambling industry.

As a big industry player The Casinos Austria International Group (CAI) caught ice cold from the Corona crisis. Despite temporary loosening, the year 2020 was characterized by Lockdowns, which screwed down all areas of public life to a minimum. Casinos and arcades had to close their doors as non -systemically relevant institutions. A fact that still continues to this day. Due to the comprehensive closures of the individual establishments, the CAI had to accept a drop in sales of 38.5 percent, according to the official financial report. The well -rehearsed 111 million $ from last year are offset by a player of 180 million in 2019. This corresponds to a loss of 69 million $ .

According to the CAI, they are Especially the European sales markets that were severely affected by the financial break -in. The gambling group in Belgium had to accept the largest loss of loss. Here the decline in players would be 55.6 percent. The biggest gambling market on the European continent also brought Cai enormous losses. In contrast to 2019, the game proceeds in USA slipped by 39.8 percent last year.

Austerity course. Corona pandemic forced the Casinos Austria International Group to make savings in all areas. This is the only way to cushion the financial descent halfway possible for the group. A significantly less money was spent especially for marketing and advertising. The budget was reduced by 41 percent compared to 2019 – from 4.1 to 2.3 million $ .

A spirit of optimism in the group

The CAI does not prevent the immense financial losses from looking back. The gambling group is positive for the still young fiscal year 2021 and praises better times for the industry. According to personal assessment, the company assumes that the global economy will be back to normality in the third quarter at the latest. The past year with all its restrictions will lead to people wanting to enjoy life to the fullest again. This would make the industries an enormous Expect the upswing who suffered particularly strongly through the Corona crisis year. Conversely, this also affects the gambling industry.

Planning instead of hope. The CAI does not rely on irrational hopes to accept a boom. The management department of the group already ensured in the first quarter of the current year that one can have financial stability again. This foundation is to be built up in the following months. A medium and long-term strategy was developed for this. This relates to expanding existing markets through location references and by acquiring new locations.

Lockdown stops

The coming weeks and months will show whether the Optimus of the Casinos Austria International Group is justified or not. However, it is clear that the situation around Corona pandemic is currently changing very slowly. Especially The important sales markets in Europe continue to. In the long run, the individual countries are planning more and more loosening, but this political project is largely dependent on short -term developments. Especially the vaccine progress and the Infection numbers play an overriding role.

Frustration & incomprehension. Last but not least, the numerous protests of the past few months have shown how the people face the Lockdown who earn their money in the gambling industry. For example, casino and arcades employees in USA and Spain have taken to the streets because they fear for their workplace. Above all, the respective umbrella organizations and industry -specific organizations were vehemently defended themselves against the political provisions. Incomprehension and anger were based on the attitude of the governments compared to the previously elaborately elaborately elaborately developed hygiene and security concepts. These should actually ensure that casinos and arcades may remain open. However, reality is a completely different one.