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Peter Brandt July 25, 2023

The casinos in Baden-Württemberg have to deal with a decline in visitors in the first quarter of 2023. In the same period two years ago, significantly more guests visited the three casinos in the southwestern federal state. According to the Corona pandemic, an upward trend is recorded, but the effects of the crisis can still be felt.

Due to the Corona pandemic, any restrictions were still carried out at the beginning of the year that did not allow normal casino operation in the three casinos. ((© Martin Sanchez/Unplash)

Fewer visitors in all casinos

Baden-Württembergische Spielbanken GmbH 100 percent belongs to the southwestern federal state And operates a total of three casinos that split into the Konstanz, Stuttgart and Baden-Baden locations.

In the first quarter of 2019 – long before the Outbreak of Corona pandemic – The three establishments were very well attended. However, the crowd of visitors temporarily dried up due to the protective measures and is today Just a shadow of himself.

The smaller number of casino guests in particular feel the casino in Constance with all hardness. The gambling center in the city on Lake Constance has the percentage of the greatest break -in. Around 11,500 visitors were received in the first quarter of the current year. In the same period in 2019, more than twice as many people visited the casino with over 25,700.

Despite its awareness, the casino in Baden-Baden also had to accept a decline in visitors. In the first three months of 2019, the casino welcomed around 65,000 guests, this year the numbers broke down to 39,000. Meanwhile, in Stuttgart Dulphuration from 71,500 to 49,000 players registered.

Economic consequences. The collective decline in visitors has had a negative impact on the economy of Baden-Württembergische Spielbanken GmbH. According to a company spokesman, the gross game was around 27.5 million $ in the first quarter of 2019. This year the income has dropped to 21.2 million. In general, the three casinos have been in a downward spiral since 2019. Three years ago, sales of 107 million $ were generated, which fell to 63 million $ in the following year and reduced another 47 million $ in 2021.

Corona falsifies visitor numbers

When announcing the current number of visitors, Baden-Württembergische Spielbanken GmbH tried to create context. The gaming group pointed out that the decline in players in the first quarter of this year was a bit due to pandemic. Since in January still restrictive security measures were appliedAt that time, no normal business process could take place in the three casinos.

Protection measures. In January 2023, the protective measures of the Infection Protection Act in Baden-Württemberg were still final. Accordingly, mask obligation, distance regulations and 3G. Many players shouted off so that they were rejecting a visit to the casino.

As Thomas Schindler, director of the casino in Baden-Baden, announced, the weakening visitor numbers have now recovered and are at a proper level. He assumes that in the remaining months of the year The upward trend continues And will flock even more players to the casinos in Baden-Württemberg.

Complex situation for the Konstanz casino

All three casinos in Baden-Württemberg have suffered from pandemic in the past two and a half years. However, the casino in Constance had to deal with the restrictions at that time due to its geographical situation. The establishment lies in the immediate vicinity of Switzerland. The national border is just under ten minutes away.

Before Covid-19, many players from the Alpine state visited the casino in Constance. According to Agron Salihi, director of the casino, 60 percent of the visitor base from Switzerland. This tremendous proportion fell completely away during the Pandemic effects. At that time, the players sought other alternatives and gave way to the located gaming market out.

However, regardless of the Corona pandemic, the geographical location creates a complex situation for the casino in Constance. As within a radius of around 100 kilometers Around 16 more casinos are located, the competition is enormous. For example, the casinos in Vaduz, Zurich, Lindau, Bregenz and St. Gallen vie for the favor of the player community.

Recreation phase. Despite the complex situation, the casino in Constance is similar to the casino in Baden-Baden in the upward trend. According to Agron Salihi, you are slowly approaching the 2019 numbers. This is mainly due to the fact that many players from Switzerland have returned and regularly visit the casino. Even in the otherwise quieter summer months there is a lot of crowds, which ensures further stability. In addition, most guests linger much longer at the slot machines and gaming tables, since there are no longer any restrictions.