Buschfeuer: James Packer also donates

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Peter Brandt January 10, 2020

After the fires in Australia and numerous dead, Casinomogul James Packer also decided to make a donation of $ 4 million. Strong fires have been raging in Australia since October, which can hardly be contained due to climatic weather conditions. In the meantime, the smoke of South America has reached. In order to support emergency services, but also victims of the fires, Casinomogul James Packer decided to financially support and victims with the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

One of the largest casinos of Australia, the Crown Casino on Yarra River in Melbourne, also wants to contribute to combating bush fire. ((© Martinafotos/Pixabay)

James Packer is forced to act

He was born in Sydney and therefore sees himself through and through as an Australian, even if the successful one Entrepreneurs and multi -illiarch James Packer Rather at home everywhere in the world. Nevertheless, the devastating fires, which are currently devastating large parts of Australia, did not leave the 52-year-old cold.

This may also explain why Packer could be carried away to an above -average donation. Overall, James Packer provided the Australian emergency services, in particular the fire brigades, but also numerous aid organizations who are already taking care of the care of victims and relatives as well as the reconstruction,, Geldern with a total height of 4 million Australian dollars to disposal.

So far, however, it was unknown that it was not the first donation. James Packer already had one in June last year when the first forest fires broke out, local fire brigade centers CHECK in the amount of $ 1 million presented. Both these and the current donation are handled by two foundations, which James Packer has appointed especially for disasters in Australia: the “Packer Family” foundation as well as the “Crown Resorts” foundation. With them, James Packer, who is one of the ten richest Australians, wants to “contribute“As he says himself.

“My family and crown endeavor to do more, and the best way we can do is to significantly increase our donation. We hope that these funds will make a small contribution to supporting our firefighters and relieve the suffering of the people who have lost their home, as well as that of the poor wildlife that is trapped in the flames. We just want to make our contribution. ”James Packer, Entrepreneur, former chief of Crown Resorts

More prominent follows James Packer

It should now be clear that the Australian bush fire is not just a national or continental problem. The pompous cloud of smoke has now even crossed the Pacific Ocean, as satellite images impressively present. In the meantime the dark clouds even have Parts of Argentina and Chile reached.

However, this should not be surprised, you look at the area that has already been destroyed by the fires. An area was destroyed that corresponds to the state area of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. 25 people have already been killed in the fire, above all, it hit the wildlife. Here the number of victims goes into the millions.

This is probably why numerous stars from all over the world have already donated horrendous sums to support emergency services, organizations and those affected, including, for example, the Australian singer Kylie Minogue oder Pink. But money alone is not everything that is needed. There are also logistical problems in many places, since numerous Australian towns had to be evacuated.

That Hotelcasino Crown Resorts in Melbourne Therefore, 200 hotel rooms made it available last weekend, in which evacuated people or families who had to give up their home were found free of charge. The casino also wants to pay for people’s meals. In addition, the invited guests can use all hotel offers free of charge.

Crown Resorts is a huge hotel casino complex on the south bank of the Yarra River in the Australian city of Melbourne. The casino is primarily known for in -house variants of popular casino games like Black Jack. A total of three hotel buildings stretch on the site: Crown Towers, Crown Metropol, Crown Promenade. A fourth building is currently being planned, which is supposed to be baptized one queensbridge.

James Packer with personal problems

The fact that James Packer is so committed to helping his home country is at least not a matter of course. Ultimately, it was barely a year ago, since James Packer surprisingly gave up the management of his company, the Crown Resort, voluntarily and his Equity components of $ 100 million sold.

Packer had given private problems at the time. especially the Dissolution of the engagement with singer Mariah Carey had taken the billionaire with them. In addition, the media hype about himself and the impossibility of enjoying privacy should also have been reasons, which is why James Packer was increasingly depressed.

It may seem almost cynical that one Disaster like the bush fires in Australia It is responsible for the fact that James Packer will voluntarily come into public again with a new vigor. Certainly, however, his commitment should help to make Australia and its inhabitants soon better.