Bundespressball with Spielbank Berlin

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Peter Brandt 6. May 2023

The Spielbank Berlin took part in the 69th Federal Press Ball and donated to “Reporters Without Borders”. The capital city casino transferred around 5,000 $ to the non -governmental organization (NGO), which has been committed to the worldwide freedom of the press for some time. The event of the event was the Russian war against Ukraine.

After the official part of the Federal Press Ball, we played at Blackjack and Roulette tables that the Berlin Spielbank made available. ((© Dusan Kipic/Unsplash)

Spielbank Berlin as a supporter

The federal press ball is not an unknown terrain for the Berlin Spielbank. The capital city casino acted Already for the third time As a participant and supporter of the event, which had to be postponed for Corona pandemic in the past two years.

With its comeback, the federal press ball wanted to set an example and focused on international press freedom. In view of the Russian invasion war against Ukraine and the associated disinformation campaign of the Russian government, the organizers saw this year’s thematic focus as appropriate. The casino Berlin, which the NGO “Reporter Without Borders” donated around 5,000 $ , also hit the same notch.

Reporter without limits. The non -governmental organization is internationally active and is committed to freedom of the press and against censorship worldwide. Citing Article 19 of the “General Declaration of Human Rights”, which stands for freedom of expression and freedom of expression, the organization is committed, among other things, for journalists who have been detained for political motives. A prominent example is Deniz Yücel, who was wrongly locked up by the Turkish government for several months.

Gerhard Wilhelm, spokesman for the management of the Spielbank Berlin, David Schnabel, Managing Director Spielbank Berlin, and Hans Hansen, authorized signatory Spielbank Berlin, were present for the presentation of the donation. Manfred Stoffers, board member of the Gauselmann Group, was also involved in the handover of the donation. In the style of gambling, the Presented 5,000 $ in Jetons. The donation was accepted by the chairman of the Federal Press Conference Regina Kramer and Mathis Feldhoff.

Spielbank Berlin provides table games

During the donation handover, Gerhard Wilhelm addressed the guests present and emphasized the important social task that is inherent in the federal press ball. In his opinion, an independent press and the freedom of expression are essential, especially in the currently challenging times. The spokesman for the management broke the press as a fourth power in addition to executive, legislative and judicial Important cornerstone for democracy picture.

In the 69th edition of the Federal Press Ball, the Berlin Spielbank Berlin did not exclusively act as participants and supporters. So stated The capital city casino the Hotel Adlon at the Brandenburg Gate, this year’s venue of the press ball, both Blackjack and roulette tables available where the guests gathered after the official part of the event.

Table games in the casino. At several locations in the capital, the Spielbank Berlin also offers various table games in addition to a lavish slot machine offer. Roulette, blackjack and poker are most popular.

Prominent guest list

The guest list of the 69th edition of the Federal Press Ball was peppered with journalists, publishers and moderators. Also the Politics was represented numerous and prominently. For example, Lars Klingbeil (Chairman of the SPD) and Friedrich Merz (Chairman of the CDU) and the Minister of Culture Claudia Roth (Greens) took part in the event. The ruling mayor of Berlin was also present with Franziska Giffey.

Since the Russian war against Ukraine was in focus in this year’s edition of the federal press balls, a Ukrainian delegation was also invited. This consisted of the Ukrainian ambassador Andrij Melynk, who among other things thanked for the solidarity of USA, and from Natalia Klitschko. The wife of the well-known ex-boxer and current mayor of Kyiv was present for her husband.

As part of the event, Claudia Roth condemned the Russian invasion in Ukraine sharp and titled the war as Attack against western culture And against democracy. The current situation illustrates how important democratic values and freedom of the press are.

Freedom of the press in USA. Every year, “Reporter Without Borders” brings a ranking of the state of global freedom of the press, which take a close look at the situations of the media in all countries in the world. The status quo in USA is also examined year after year. According to the NGO, press freedom in the Federal Republic has deteriorated significantly in recent years. In the current ranking, USA only occupies 16th place and thus ranks behind countries such as Jamaica, Lithuania and the Seychelles. Above all, the increasing attacks on journalists during demonstrations are the decisive reason for the bad performance.