British casinos before difficult times

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Peter Brandt 28. September 2020

After British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new anti-Corona measures, difficult times are likely to come to British casinos. The occasion of the new government decision is the disastrous development of the number of infections on the British island. Great Britain is one of the countries with the largest infection volume across Europe. For British companies, especially land-based casinos, the particularly strict corona countermeasures are likely to become a new economic problem. Above all, the decision that events across the country will have to be ended at 10 p.m. at the latest should become a fiasco for British casino operators.

For the whole of Great Britain, people such as companies, are starting difficult times with the new anti-corona measures. ((© Comfreak/Pixabay)

Boris Johnson wants to act immediately

In Great Britain, crisis times have been broken down, this is undoubtedly certain. The reason for this is, in addition to the Farce surrounding the exit of Great Britain from the European Union and the word break by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, or above all the infection in the country. In the meantime, a total of 41,825 Corona deaths have been officially registered in the country. Now Boris Johnson has to and wants to act – immediately.

At least he announced this in a comprehensive speech in parliament last Tuesday. Already two days after his speech New measures to contain the Covid 19 pandemic come into effect. These not only include a cancellation of the planned fan return to the stadiums of the Premier League, which was planned for October 1st, but also a nationwide “Zapfenstreich” from 10 p.m.. Restaurants and all the venues will have to close their premises for guests from ten in the evening from Thursday.


This message is logically a shock for casinos throughout the UK. After this Many English casinos recently celebrated their reopening And that hoped that the economic valley sole had finally passed, the 10 o’clock limitation for casinos in Great Britain is a major cut. Because not only the regular operation, but also events that often take place in the exclusive rooms of the casinos, is de facto to stand up.

Existence of the entire British gaming industry endangered?

At least for casinos, the time restriction can be equated to 10 p.m. with a lockdown that Boris Johnson actually wants to deal with with his new anti-Corona strategy. This even proves numbers Ultimately, between 70 and 75 percent of all sales of or in casinos are only achieved after 10 p.m..

That is also why speaks Michael Dugher, CEO of the British Gambling Association Betting and Gaming Council (GBC) The fact that not only the jobs of over 7,000 people are in danger, but will possibly face the country’s entire casino industry-even if the measures should be limited to six months, as Boris Johnson assured.

Either way, the Prime Minister’s decision is incomprehensible among casino operators. After all, British health authorities had recently confirmed that the detailed workout Hygiene and security measures of British casinos exemplary and therefore there are no or at least only a low risk of infection in the premises of the casinos.

In any case, it is clear to Michael Dugher that there can only be a casino survival in Great Britain if the British government Substantial financial aid for casino companies provides. So far, however, no word has been heard from Boris Johnson.

“Boris Johnson may have announced the death blow for the casino industry by adding it to the list of those venues that will be forced to close their doors at 10 p.m. He made this decision even though the sector offered to close its bars and restaurants in the casinos at 10 p.m. Complete 70 percent of their sales after 10 p.m. – should be excluded from these restrictions. ”Michael Dugher, CEO of the GBC, GBC press release as a statement on the new anti-corona measures by Boris Johnson