BoyleSports: Interesse an William Hill

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Maximilian Deininger 25. June 2021

The Irish bookmaker Boylesport is interested in buying the competitor’s UK branches William Hill. The British gambling group belongs to Caesar’s entertainment (CE), which outsourced around 1,400 shops in Great Britain and wants to focus more on the American sports betting market.

The sale of the William Hill branches in Great Britain is likely to ensure tough negotiations, since in addition to boysports, other companies are also interested in a takeover. ((© Aymanejed/Pixabay)

Expansion on the British gaming market

As the Northern Irish newspaper Belfast Telegraph reports, Boylesports is especially interested in the branches in Northern Ireland. Nevertheless, the bookmaker keeps the option open to take over only a part or the entire existence of the 1,400 business of William Hill. According to various analysts, the branches in Great Britain are worth up to £ 1.5 billion.

With the intention to take over, Boylesports has set the course for the future corporate orientation. A group spokesman had recently indicated where the journey should go to Sunday Independent. So the sale of the William Hill branches is in Great Britain A rare opportunity to achieve the planned expansion and the associated size in the inpatient business area. One wanted to take this opportunity and As the most important bookmaker on the British gaming market, ascending. The group is certain that it will create a first -class, safe and entertaining offer for the betting audience – both terrestrial and online.

BoyleSports. The Northern Irish gambling group has its headquarters in Dundalk, County Louth, and is considered the largest bookmaker in the country. According to the latest information, the company has more than 320 retail branches across Ireland and Great Britain. Boylesports are now prominently represented in the online segment and offers apps both in the Google Play and app store. In addition to a wide range of sports betting betting, the group is represented in the areas of casino, bingo, poker and lottery.

Hard competition

According to the report of the Belfast Telegraph, Boylesport is not the only recruiter in the industry that wants to take over the UK branches of William Hill. Competing companies also expressed their interest, so that the Northern Irish bookmaker must adjust to a tough competition. Apollo Global Management and the Shaked Family are considered the worst rivals. The latter hold the founding shareholders of 888 Holdings. Another potential contender is also Fred Drone from Betfredk. Industry experts speculate that the high demand could drive the calculated price of 1.5 billion pounds of sterling even further up.

From the perspective of Boylesports, this results in a rather delicate situation, since, unlike the competition, the company does not have the financial means in order to Takeover complete to shoulder. In addition, Apollo Global Management and the Shaked Family are willing to dig deep into the pockets for the UK branches of William Hill.

Despite the role as underdog, Boylesports were not without chance in the negotiations. The Northern Irish bookmaker has the great advantage of being completely debt -free. The elimination of any liabilities enables business Cooperation with financially strong organizations such as private equity companies. It is also possible that Caesar’s entertainment (CE) preferred a division of the 1,400 branches. As a result, a monopoly formation on the one hand would British gaming market be prevented. On the other hand, CE could achieve such a significantly higher sales price.

Dwindling interest. According to Boylesports, the sale of the William Hill branches on the British gaming market has already been indicated in the recent past. CE obviously showed his dwindling interest due to the lack of investments, orientation and attention.

Technological general overhaul

Should Boylesports get the contract for William Hill’s UK branches, the Northern Irish bookmaker should be one Strive for a large -scale restructuring of the premises. Conor Gray, a commercial director at Boylesports, had announced in January 2020 to invest around four million pounds of sterling in the renovation of the shops and in new technologies. Even if a potential takeover of a competitor at the time was not yet an issue, according to the Belfast Telegraph, a technological general overhaul for any establishment of the gaming company was intended.

Gray indicated that the business not only with the latest technological standards and the latest displays equipped but also the appearance of the branches should be changed fundamentally. The planned changes are affected, among other things, signage, lighting, coloring and also the facility itself. The commercial director spoke of an aggressive new development in this regard.

Branches in Northern Ireland. Boylesports, especially the branches in Northern Ireland, caught the eye of his intentions to buy. Most branches would therefore be in the Belfast area. Some also in Tyrone, Derry and on the north coast.