Betting agencies: Reopening in Scotland

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Maximilian Deininger December 30, 2020

In the course of Corona pandemic, the Scottish government has decided to reopen the betting shops in the country. Politicians had agreed last week to reduce the alarm level in the applied security concept to contain the virus in eleven areas of the country. Due to the decisions of the legislative, 400 betting agencies made it possible to reopen their gates. The approximately 2,000 employees of the individual restaurants were able to return to normal working life for the time being.

The BGC also calls for the reopening of the stationary casinos away from the betting agencies. ((© Meinester ramp/Pixabay)

Gambling suffers from Corona

Just like in the remaining parts of the world, Scotland also suffers enormously from the effects of corona pandemic. Both public life and the economy have to struggle with the dangerous virus. In order to prevent distribution, the government has developed a security concept that consists of several stages. Depending on the region and incidence, a corresponding alarm level applies. Until recently it was almost nationwide in the country Level four of the Covid 19 phasesthat only allows the opening of system -relevant furnishings. This includes retail shops such as supermarkets and pharmacies. Companies from the gaming industry, on the other hand, had to close their gates in this phase. With the reduction of the security level, this fright scenario seems to be over for the time being.

Corona in Scotland. The local security levels should enable the Scottish government a flexible and differentiated scope for maneuver in order to be able to react depending on the urgency and danger level. Bearing a mask, the absence of large crowds, compliance with the minimum distance and self-insulation in COVID-19-symptoms should successfully curious in combination with the national security concept.

Gambling association welcomes the reopening

The British betting and gambling association „Betting and Gaming Council (BGC)“ welcomed the government’s decision to reopen the betting agencies in the eleven areas of the country. By press release, the BGC explained that with the reduction of the alarm level, the industry would experience enormous relief. But not only for the individual actors in industry, recent development is a step in the right direction. So the economy would also benefit enormously. According to official information, the sports betting is responsible for the fact that the Scottish Ministry of Finance would take around £ 50 million annually. In addition, 13.5 million would be added through betting duties and media rights.

Michael Dugher, Managing Director of the “Betting and Gaming Council (BGC)”was enthusiastic about the resumption of industry activities. The official press release of the betting and gambling association says:

“There are great news for employees and customers that the betting shops can open their doors again. You have installed a number of measures in order to counteract the spread of Covid-19, including plexiglass screens, hand-disinfectants and strict rules for compliance with the minimum distance. For this reason, the country’s betting shops are a safe environment to work and bet. ”Michael Dugher, Managing Director of the BGC, Official press release from the “Betting and Gaming Council”

BGC demands opening of the casinos

Even if Michael Dugher and the BGC welcome the reopening of the national betting agencies, they are calling for the government Further loosening for the gaming industry. In the next step, inpatient casinos should also be given approval of resuming their business. By downgrading the security level to three, the casinos must remain closed. Dugher appeals to politics and states that the casinos would also have an adequate hygiene concept with effective measures to prevent the virus from spreading. At the same time, the effects on the labor market and the economy should not be underestimated if the casinos are allowed to resume operation.

“The economic contribution, the betting agencies and also casinos through the taxes paid to the Ministry of Finance, as well as the jobs created by industry will be of crucial importance if Britain wants to recover from the effects of pandemic. The contribution of the betting agencies to the horse racing, which suffered financially enormously from the exclusion of the spectators, must also be emphasized. The five racetracks in Scotland have to deal hard with the effects of pandemic. That is why we are pleased that the new -targeted income of the betting agencies can now flow back into the racing industry. ”Michael Dugher, Managing Director of the BGC, Official press release from the “Betting and Gaming Council”

Gambling in USA

Similar to Scotland, that also stands Inpatient gambling in USA quiet. Casinos and casinos have been called out since then Lockdown from November 2nd closed. Even before the Federal Government’s decision, this legal step was sharply criticized, since the industry had adjusted well to the “New Corona everyday life” by means of hygiene concepts. At the same time, it was feared that the elimination of the state -licensed offer would inspire illegal gambling. A fear that has been confirmed in the past few days and weeks.