Betting fraud: Kieran Trippier locked

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Maximilian Deininger January 22, 2021

The British footballer Kieran Trippier remains closed due to violations of applicable betting rules. The lock was pronounced in December 2020 by the English Football Association “Football Association” (FA) and is scheduled to apply for around ten weeks. Trippier’s employer Atlético Madrid was temporarily overriding the judgment by an objection, but now FIFA has confirmed the lock on the second attempt.

Kieran Trippier’s lock is a bitter setback for Atlético Madrid. ((© Jonono / Pixabay)

Sliding by March

The cause around Kieran Trippier and his Wetail violations Go to the next round. FIFA has confirmed the jurisprudence of the “Football Association” (FA) of December 2020 in a new procedure, which will result in a ten -week lock for the English international – by February 28, 2021. So Trippier will only be able to intervene in the football events again in March and thus according to the current schedule For a total of 14 competitive games stand out. In addition, he was fined 77,500 $ with a fine of the equivalent of 77,500.

According to the FA and FIFA, Trippier is said to have violated the betting rules of the English Football Association to switch from Tottenham Hotspur to his current employer Atlético Madrid in summer 2019. According to information from the sports news portal “Sport1”, Trippier is accused of having informed three friends via WhatsApp about his upcoming move to Spain. With these Insider information The friends are said to have set up to £ 300 on a change to Atlético Madrid. The FA’s homepage states that the English football professional with this behavior against the so -called Rule E8(1)(b) violated.

Rule E8(1)(b). The rules for sports betting are clearly defined in the legislation of the “Football Association”. Active professionals from the English Football Association are encouraged to bow to this legal framework in order to counteract game manipulations and consequences that are defending in competition. In this regard, the Rule E8 (1) (b) states that no active participant in professional football may make insider information about daily business public due to its position.

Heavy setback for Atlético Madrid

After the judgment of December 2020, Atlético Madrid was able to revise the lock by revision. The club from the Spanish capital hoped to continue to be able to use Trippier until the determination is finally completed. The Briton was therefore on January 12, 2021 2-0 victory against FC Sevilla used again in the Spanish league. Despite the ongoing procedure, he did not seem to have lost his focus on sporty. He prepared both goals.

From a sporting point of view, confirmation of the lock is a bitter setback for both a trippier and atlético. The Madrilenians play a strong season and lead the table in the first Spanish league. Quite a few fans dream of the first championship title since 2014. The team from the Spanish capital is also on the right track in the prestigious Champions League. Trippier is an important support for both competitions. With his experience, the 30-year-old full-back is a driving force in the squad and will leave a large hole with his ten-week lock.

FA regulation commission. The FIFA has confirmed the block imposed on the part of the “Football Association”, but further investigations into the violation of the betting rules are planned because there is still a need for clarification. For this purpose, the FA has specially launched an independent regulatory commission in order to edit the case neutrally and ultimately also to assess. Four of the alleged violations have already been proven, but three were rejected when the personal hearing subsequently.

Expected another objection

Not only from the perspective of the legislative, the violations of Kieran Trippier against the FA betting rules are far from off the table, Atlético Madrid does not see the re-judgment as a final scenario. As different media report from Spain, the Madrilenen want to object to the judgment again. The club around head coach Diego Simeone is wrongly punished because you have no influence Trippier’s extra -sporting activities should have had. Therefore, you would be sanctioned for something that you didn’t even go into debt yourself.

Now the club managers want to International sports court CAS Pull in Lausanne to apply for the lock to be lifted. Similar to the first revision, this cancellation should apply until the case around Trippier is completely cleared up.

International sports court. The “Court of Arbitration for Sport” (CAS) is an independent international arbitration court based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was launched by the “International Olympic Committee” (IOC) in 1984 and serves as the last decision -making body to enable the top sports jurisdiction for sports associations and other committees.