Betson buys 75 % from Suaposta

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Maximilian Deininger December 23, 2019

The Swedish gambling and sports betting provider Betsson becomes the largest stakeholder from Suaposta, the Brazilian provider of horse bets. On the Brazilian online market, only Suaposta is allowed to offer horse bets. With the purchase of 75 % of the shares, Betsson secures the entry into a monopoly position on a high -sales market.

Not only Brazil, all of South America offers great growth potential for gambling providers. ((© his/pixabay)

Betson is expanding to Latin America

Betsson is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and is also listed on the stock exchange. As early as 1963, the company was founded – at that time under the name of Cherry Företagen (Cherry) and thus had Decades of experience in the company of gambling. Until the turn of the millennium, the focus was on slot machines before Betsson concentrated on the online market. For this, shares on Software developer Netent Bought and took over the British provider of sports betting Betsson in 2005. Due to the strong brand, the Swedish company in Betsson was renamed and has been successfully operating on the online gambling market since then.

So far, the gambling group has been offering its online games in twelve different countries. Now there is a South American country with Brazil that offers great potential. Suaposta is the only approved provider of horse betting on the Internet in Brazil, making Betsson a significant presence in South America. According to the Games Magazine Brazil Betsson acquires three quarters of the shares in Suaposta. Betsson himself has not yet communicated the acquisition of the shares.

According to the report, the founders of Suaposta, André Gelfi and Fernando Corrêa, become Furthermore, responsibility through local online operation Wear in Brazil even though the Swedish gambling group is now the largest stakeholder. But logically, Betsson will not stand by, but will also bring in his expertise.

Betsson wants to exhaust Suapostas potential more

Suaposta has one Monopoly position for online horses in Brazil, however, it is becoming increasingly confronted with problems. In the past few years, interest in horse racing has dropped, which accordingly led to a loss of sales for Suaposta. At the same time, the competition from sports betting for football is great. Therefore, considerations have been loud in the past to start in this area. So far, online sports betting in Brazil has been banned.

Betson could now find the necessary force for changes. The Swedish gambling group combines in its more than 20 brands concentrated know-how, which can also help Suaposta. Betson not only offers online sports betting under his roof. Betsson casinos, poker and bingo can also be found on the Internet. In addition, with the Racebets brand that focuses exclusively on horse bets, one of the market leaders in this segment to the Swedish group.

The cooperation with Betsson brings Suaposta into a promising position for the future-both to strengthen the segment of the horse betting as well as for the upcoming liberalization of the online market for other sports betting. Betsson has in turn secured a place in the front row, Before the market for foreign online betting providers is opened. That could be a big advantage.

“Betsson is not the only gaming company with strong interest in the South American market. The interest of competitors Betway, 888 and Bet365 in the market entry in Argentina is also securitated. ”

Online bets from June 2020

The online gaming Summit Brazil (OGS) took place this week. On the Agenda des also Above all, sports betting and the necessary regulation of the online gambling play. In the course of this, Waldir Eustáquio Margues Jr., the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs New regulation on sports betting in January is to be published. However, the publication could still be delayed. From this point of view, the statement that the government hopes to get legal bets on the way by June 2020 seems quite optimistic.

According to a new, specific regulation for the online gambling game, the procedure for the license allocation must also be decided. The betting providers who apply for a license must be checked. It all costs time. Betsson, on the other hand, already has a foot in the door And can fall on the cake faster when the barriers fall.

Furthermore, the Brazilian betting providers who build on legalization of the online market are disadvantaged by the tax plans. In the previous consultation procedure, the legislators have not departed from their plan, one Tax of 3 % on sales to have to pay. Retail bookmakers are taxed with 6 %. Of course, the providers want to enforce a lower tax burden.

However, there are additional costs for the operators. According to the government’s previous plan, the license fee is $ 735,000. In addition, monthly payments are due, which are based on the type of activity of the operators. At the same time, gambling providers are obliged to take the topics of consumer protection seriously. The last framework conditions are to be decided this month. the Introduction of a legal betting industry until June 2020 It is scarce in terms of time, but it is possible if the Brazilian government keeps the pace.

“The proposed tax rates make up between 30 and 35 % of gross games. This is of course high, but we hope to reduce these numbers through a decree that will not be the subject of a public debate to a reasonable level. ”Waldir Eustáquio Margues Jr., State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Brazil