BBC reveals game manipulation

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Maximilian Deininger 30. May 2023

As part of an undercover campaign, the BBC filmed active footballers during a conversation about game manipulation. In the published videos you can see Hermes N’Goy and his brother Emile N’Goy, who played football in Wales for a long time. Hermes talks about targeted shifts and manipulations in football with the BBC journalists disguised as donors.

In the BBC recordings, Hermes N’Goy admitted that it has already been involved in game manipulations. ((© Emilio Garcia/Unplash)

BBC researched 20 months

Betting fraud and game manipulation are one serious danger to the integrity of professional football. Associations, clubs and the judiciary have always tried to stop the illegal machinations in this area. In the recent past, however, the case counting has increased in such a way that football and law enforcement authorities have to reorganize. For example, representatives from the judiciary and sport have gathered in Abu Dhabi to Interpol conference against betting fraud to participate.

Game manipulation and betting fraud are also part of British football. Nobody may judge exactly the extent that have the problems on the island, but the research of the BBC illustrates how deeply anchored illegal machinations in sport are.

The broadcaster’s journalists have introduced themselves into a network for over 20 months in which football games are structured and specifically manipulated to earn money through sports betting. In the course of the research, the BBC reporters met several times with the two brothers Emile and Hermes N’Goy. According to the British broadcaster, the latter has been for a long time involved in fraudulent activities.

Emile N‘Goy. In the past, Emile has been in the past for several subclass clubs – mainly in Wales. The 25-year Congolese played for Stranraer FC, Brechin City FC and Llanelli Town AFC. At times he also kicked abroad – in Portugal and USA. Even if he can be seen together with his brother in the BBC videos, there is no decisive indication that he has ever been involved in game manipulations.

Fraud in the “small” style

In the Published videos of the BBC It quickly becomes clear that Hermes N’Goy is the “head” behind the manipulations. He willingly explains to the journalist who records everything he and his network deal with a hidden camera. So it is not about major shifts that the course of the game or even decisively influence the result. Rather, the focus is on quite “small interventions”, which are hidden from both the spectators and the inspectors of the associations.

Become Hermes Depending on the manipulation, different sums are due. For a throw -in, a corner or a free kick, it usually requires 500 $ . A yellow card, on the other hand, costs twice. Around 2,000 $ are due on a red card. At the request of the BBC journalists, Hermes confirmed that in the past they have specifically manipulated games.

A long cooperation is also possible in the context of the possible, but this is only work on a flat basis. He demands between 20,000 and 25,000 $ per season and per player.

Contact. The BBC journalists introduced themselves to the brothers N’Goy as interested investors and thus made . Accordingly, a possible deal dealt with a total of four talks.

Several footballers involved in betting fraud

In the further course of the published video, the three footballers Jean-Francois Mbuba, Julien Vercauteren and Idris Laib appear. You will be the BBC journalist during concrete negotiations for a possible betting fraud presented by Hermes. Just like Emile N’Goy, the three soccer players play in subclass leagues. According to Hermes, there is significantly less surveillance, which favors manipulations.

In the past, Mbuba, Vercauteren and Laib are already have been part of shifts several times. One of the three players always delayed a game last year to bring a tie over time.

The players and people involved are paid for their “services” after fixed processes. It there is only cash. Transfers or other digital payment routes are excluded. In this way, no traces are left, which prevents tracking by associations and judiciary.

Persecution impossible? The fraud stitch in the “small” style in subclass leagues should ensure that inspectors are not frightened. According to Terry Steans, official controller at FIFA, this plan works in many cases. Manipulated playing events that result in objections, corners, free kicks or cards are very difficult to identify as such. The determination is correspondingly complex.