Baden-Württemberg advises on GlüStV

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Peter Brandt February 10, 2021

The state parliament of Baden-Württemberg is currently advising on the new Gaming State Treaty. This is due to come into force on July 1, 2021 and provides for a uniform regulation of the industry. Until the final implementation, the new legal framework must be ratified by the individual federal states. In the run-up to the Baden-Württemberg state parliament session, industry representatives now commented and criticized the planned restructuring of the legal situation.

The American automatic economy is worried about the regulation of the Gaming State Treaty for the existence of land -based casinos and arcades. ((© Mayyay666 / Pihabay)

Change of gaming industry

In 2008 the first Gambling State Treaty (GlüstV) was adopted by the federal and state governments. In the following time, the legal situation for the industry was repeatedly redesigned. With every change, however, new complications and problems occurred. The rage ultimately culminated in a completely non -transparent and inconsistent market situation. Well, after 13 years, it should be over. Already last year, the individual representatives of the federal states agreed on a completely new state of Gaming, which not only provides for uniform regulations, but also liberalized the industry. This should enter into force on July 1st, 2021. In the last instance the Ratification process in the 16 state parliament out. In Baden-Württemberg, however, the planned upheaval does not meet everywhere.

Ratification crucial. Although the ink is already dry under the new State Treaty, it cannot yet be said with absolute certainty whether the contract is actually valid from July 1, 2021. Only the ratification in the individual state parliament decides. To do this, 13 of the 16 federal states have to agree to the GlüStV. Saxony-Anhalt already agreed on January 27th. The state government of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania met a day later, but will be dealing with the topic again in a new meeting in the coming weeks.

For example, Georg Wacker, managing director of Lotto Baden-Württemberg, sees a turning point in the opening of the market. As a common good state company, the legalization of so far would Gambling, which are contrary to the illegal and partly particularly addictive, represent an enormous challenge. In his opinion, the market should be released under strict requirements, but the measures related to the new state agreement would send a clear signal. Gambling would become more and more an asset. Therefore, one is forced to adapt your own offer to the new circumstances:

“We plan to expand our product portfolio in summer. We do this to offer a reliable and serious alternative to private or possibly illegal gambling products. ”Georg Wacker, Managing Director of Lotto Baden-Württemberg, Official press release from Lotto Baden-Württemberg

Requirement for modern state gambling law law

Similar to the Baden-Württemberg lottery, “The American Automatism Economy” (DAW) is critical of the new State Treaty. In an official message, the association said that the entire machine industry was looking at the future with great concern. The legitimization of the glowing would be up to 80 percent of the arcade concessions to threaten the closure in Baden-Württemberg. 8,000 jobs in the state are at risk.

As a reason for the criticism, the association led the airline spacing of 500 meters between stately licensed arcades and children and youth facilities. This would rob the state -based institution the basis for their business model. At the same time, the state parliament advises on the ratification process of what the machine industry is pushing. Specifically, the umbrella organization DAW and the “Automaten Association Baden Württemberg” (AVBW) The inconsistent regulation of the gaming market and in the same breath call for a modern state gambling law.

Georg Stecker, DAW board spokesman, sees the current state of the industry massively threatened by the planned regulations of the new Gambling State Treaty. The targeted regulation for the stationary casino and arcade landscape is no longer up to date. Due to the elimination of the current offer, a large part of the player would Illegal offers migrate.

“The legal range of games in Baden-Württemberg threatens to take serious damage. This makes the most important channeling order – the order to direct people’s needs in orderly and legal lanes. Because without a sufficient attractive legal offer, the black market has free rail. The digital age requires contemporary regulation that actually takes youth and player protection seriously. The idea of minimum distances reveals a regulatory logic that comes from a pre -igital time. The game on the Internet has long changed the gaming market and finally led minimum distances for arcades. “Georg Stecker, DAW board spokesman, DAW press release

Existence acutely threatened

AVBW board member Dirk Fischer, who sees the new state agreement as an existential threat, also hits the same notch. So be The entrepreneurial existence of hundreds of companies all over the country is acutely threatened. There are one of the most severe economic crises in post -war history and family businesses in the second or third generation are in front of ruin. Fischer warned that the introduction of the new State Treaty should not become a death trap for the legal gambling. As the country parliaments decide in the end, due to the various positions of the interest parties, there is currently no refrain from being refrained from. It therefore remains exciting.