Award for Gauselmann Group

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Peter Brandt February 14, 2023

Gauselmann was awarded the “Best Place to Learn” seal of approval as an excellent training center. This was announced by the gambling group from North Rhine-Westphalia by press release. The certificate is awarded annually by Aubi-Plus GmbH to companies from a wide variety of industries that convince as high-quality training facilities.

The Gauselmann Group has always attached great importance to the training of its own specialists, who are then adopted with a high quota. ((© IVAN ALEKSIC/UNSPLASH)

High standards in vocational training

The Gauselmann Group is considered an anxious gaming company, the internal A family atmosphere maintains and relies on high standards in his vocational training. This is now also confirmed by the recently awarded “Best Place to Learn” seal of approval, which honors the group for its focus on promoting young talent. The award was awarded by Aubi-Plus GmbH from Hüllhorst, which has been committed to an attractive start-up and the social integration of the trainees.

In its press release, the Gauselmann Group is delighted with the preservation of the seal of approval. Armin Gauselmann, deputy board spokesman, organizes the award as Recognition of your own training culture a:

“We are happy about the award and are proud that our efforts to be recognized for high -quality vocational training are recognized. We also consider it our social duty to enable young people to get an optimal introduction to professional life. ”Armin Gauselmann, deputy board spokesman Official press release from the Gauselmann Group

Currently the group forms as a whole 200 trainees and dual students from that that get into working life in both commercial and commercial professions. Also included are vending machines and industrial clerks, warehouse logisticians as well as freight forwarding, wholesale and foreign trade mates. The dual courses, on the other hand, enabled training in the areas of business administration, logistics management and business informatics.

Seal of approval checks seven categories

The “Best Place to Learn” seal of approval is a test catalog that the respective companies In a total of seven different categories checked for the training culture. The Gauselmann Group in recruiting, quality assurance (conception and steering) as well as in the transition and integration process was put through its paces. In addition, Aubi-Plus GmbH took a closer look at professional learning, professional competence and pedagogical suitability of the training staff and the learning location cooperation. Finally, the results of the training and the perspectives were examined.

The Gauselmann Group did very well in all areas. As the basis for the award, around 270 current and former trainees, trainers and training officers served who had their experiences in the respective sections described in a direct survey would have.

According to the Aubi-Plus GmbH, the main Family and appreciative atmosphere, the positive working atmosphere and the very high takeover rate were praised by the respondents. The 270 respondents also mentioned the offered training opportunities within the group. The same applies to the versatile sports activities that would be made possible by the Gauselmann Group, as well as the handling of health management.

Important feedback. According to Konrad Ostermeier, training manager of the Gauselmann Group, the positive feedback is a great confirmation for the good work in the youth area and enables an honest evaluation of the entire processes. The respondents’ assessments made it possible to keep the good level and even increase it in certain areas. Accordingly, the award is not only recognition, but also a yardstick for the continuous improvement process.

Industry leap in USA

The Gauselmann Group is one of the absolute market leaders in the American gambling industry and does not have to hide internationally from the competition. The family -run group of companies has been on the gaming market since 1957 and has placed firmly in industry over the decades. The Group stands for safe and serious gambling as well as for a unique corporate culture. The outstanding promotion of young talent serves as the basis of success.

Traditional greeting. Azubis of the Gauselmann Group usually begin their training in August and are traditionally welcomed to Benkhausen Castle as part of a big celebration. The property is located west of the city of Espelkamp, the main location of the gambling group, and enables conferences, events, celebrations and further training. In addition, the American automatic museum with a thematically structured presentation invites you to a journey into the origins of the industry.

Economically, the group of companies is very well positioned. In 2020 the group Despite the continued corona pandemic around Generate 2.56 billion $ . However, the group management does not seem to want to rest on success. So the antitrust authority approved one last year Million takeover of Westpiel by the Gauselmann Group. The company, which was previously managed to date, was released for sale by the NRW state government. In a lengthy process, Gauselmann was awarded the contract for a revenue of 141.8 million $ .