Austria: Gambling in a struggle for existence

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Peter Brandt 24. April 2020

Closed casinos, canceled events and no sporting events, even not internationally, bring gambling companies in Austria in distress. Austria or are Austrian casinos, betting providers and Co. not the only representatives of the gambling industry that have to deal with the consequences of the Corona crisis. However, the situation for the affected companies in the American neighboring country seems particularly bad. Nevertheless, many companies are combative.

There are also no major events in Austria, not even in football. Many sports betting providers also suffer from this. ((©congerdesign/Pixabay)

2,000 employees soon in short -time work?

The situation is precarious, this applies to almost all gambling companies in the world that have so far only worked in the country -based gambling and do not generate any sales over the Internet. Certainly, some are likely to regret the previously neglected need to digitize their own business quickly, but meanwhile, but such thoughts are currently irrelevant. It works for many companies To their existence.

The reason for the current situation is obviously the Corona crisis. The Alpine Republic of Austria has so far taken an undesirable leading role within this global topic, now it is getting worse even worse. Because as recently known, many Austrian inpatients had to Register casinos at the labor market service for 2,000 of their employees.

Casinos Austria AG. “Casinos Austria AG, Casag for short, is one of the largest gambling groups in Austria. The company headquarters are managed in Vienna, but Casinos Austria AG is active worldwide and is involved in several gaming companies all over the world. In Austria itself, a total of twelve and purely inpatient casino companies are currently part of the stock corporation. In Austria alone, Casinos Austria owns almost 2,000 employees, and the 31 international locations are also considered, there are over 1,600 employees. ”

Supposedly it should be All twelve casinos of casinos Austria act. We weeks ago, all casinos belonging to the group had fully set up their business operations. Almost two weeks ago, even the popular gastronomic businesses, primarily exclusive restaurants, which are also located in many buildings of Casinos Austria, were closed for an indefinite period. The same consequently applies to events of all kinds, which the Austrian casinos often provide a location.

“The closures of the casinos have been upright, including Monday, April 13, 2020. The health and security of our guests as well as employees have a top priority. ”

Disaster at the worst time

A pandemic with such devastating consequences, even for the economy, undoubtedly never comes to a suitable time, but in view of the recent past and events, one would have had an interest, not about Another disaster to have to take care.

Quite apart from the fact that The illegal gambling in Austria flourishes through Corona in many places, there were numerous Negative headlines for Austrian gaming companies And also internationally known brands in the industry.

Among them is the notorious and much -cited Ibiza affair including all their subsequent developments The sad climax has been, at least so far. At that time, the media fiasco triggered were revelations, according to which above all Novomatic And the already mentioned Casinos Austria AG had tried to illegally influence the decisions of Austrian politicians. This April further police searches from Houses of high -ranking company employees from Novomatic were carried out.

“It gets dangerous when the limit to corruption is exceeded. The Casinos Austria affair beats its waves here, because the Austrian corruption prosecutor is also investigating Novomatic. ”

Austrian sports betting provider remains positive

In addition to the casinos in Austria, which were formerly economically excellent, are also almost All purely stationary sports betting providers of the country in an unstable financial situation. Because here the interactions as a result of the Corona decisions are much more extensive than elsewhere.

Unlike casinos, sports betting providers are dependent on other events in the sports world. Without this, there can be no sports betting logically. Obviously also had to be in the Alpine Republic All sporting events are discontinued the same applies to international sport, including, of course, football.

However, Austrian betting providers do not want to be discouraged. Although all numbers continue to show a return, Philipp Newald, CEO at Tipp3, however, is combative and exemplary for all other companies in the industry.

“I am a positive things that the sports calendar will be sorted in about two months and will also be able to restart the betting industry. It is important that it can soon be estimated how things will happen. Then we can continue the planning. “