Australia: Too many slot machines?

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Peter Brandt 9. October 2020

A current study shows that in Australia, gambling machines are increasingly being played. But the boom causes controversial discussions. As has been observed in other countries, in which the machine gambling is currently booming, it is on the one hand worry about a supposed risk of increased gambling addiction, but on the other hand, but also social developments. According to the study results, Australians in particular should use state social benefits in order to take part in the machine gambling. However, this knowledge is not new, which is why voices are voices that demand new laws, especially to protect foreign Australians from possible money problems.

With digitization, the enthusiasm for slot machines in Australia also increased. But the boom also provides controversy. ((© Igorovsyannykov/Pixabay)

More and more Australians of “Pokies” are enthusiastic

Not fundamental, but at least in parts the global gambling industry, especially the digital, takes on a special role. Because it is one of those industries that not only feel negative consequences from the global corona pandemic. This also proves one Development as it can currently be observed in Australia. In Down Under, despite pandemic and growing economic problems, the machine gambling.

As positive as this is likely to read from an economic point of view especially for the providers of gaming machines, the numbers of a latest are problematic Study published on abc.net.au, viewed by many politicians and scientists. Because as it turned out, the largest group of players is among those Australians, who have lost their job or existence through Corona and have since relied on state social welfare – Or in other words: Recipients of state social funds use the financial aid for gambling on slot machines, among other things.

This development now causes voices that insist on the enthusiasm for the so -called “pokies”, as gambling machines in Australia are generally titled to contain – or at least take measures to take this To limit the game of gaming machines with cash Or to be completely prevented.

The boom of gaming machines in Australia in numbers. As the Australian gambling authority recently announced, it is in particular the state of Queensland, in which the increase in the slot machine game can be seen. Before the Corona pandemic in February of this year, a total of 162 million ARD were implemented per month, around EUR 98.5 million, were implemented via gaming machines. In July, sales rose to an incredible 293 million Aud, the equivalent of around EUR 179 million. In relation, this means an increase of over 80 percent. According to the authority’s opinion, similar or even higher sales figures can be expected for September and October.

Law adjustments should prevent game with cash use

Ready since mid -July of this year, that state of Queensland had decided as one of the first to resume regular operation in the catering sector as far as possible. Now Queensland is exactly the Australian state, in which the problem with questionable slot machines reveals the most striking. Because there are especially Restaurants in which gaming machines are set up and used.

That there is a Connection between problematic gambling behavior, corona and state social benefits as well as clear Conflicts of interest in business and gaming industry as well as social responsibility and social system can be identified, is nothing new and was often a topic of discussion in the Australian public.

This discussion also participated Victor Domello from the Australian Authority for Gambling and Alcohol, The Liquor & Gaming NSW, often. He and Derek Tuffield from Gaming Aid Lifeline are therefore calling for quick changes in the law, education and help for affected groups of people.

“People who suffer from gambling are among the most endangered in the community, and our existing laws are outdated and must be revised. Our current laws are limited to players who voluntarily banish themselves from the play areas of hotels and clubs as well as from the casino. We know that gambling has an impact on families and the entire community, which is why the changes I proposed would enable affected people to register with a hotel or a registered club to prohibit access to a player. The necessary changes in the law also require that the venues take all appropriate steps to ensure that an excluded person enters these areas and that punishments are imposed on non -compliance. ”Victor Dominello, Minister of Citizens’ Service, Liquor & Gaming NSW Government website

The government also seems to want to meet these demands. As recently known, a technical solution is currently being considered. In the future, it should no longer be possible in Australia to play cash on gaming machines. Instead, it should be a kind of Add prepaid card that players have to apply for from a public authority And which must also be registered on one person. The slot machine game is then only possible with an charged card, which is only to be output to players who have so far not shown any conspicuous game behavior.