Atlantic City: Trump-Casino vor Abriss

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Peter Brandt January 24, 2020

More negative news for US President Trump. The Mayor of Atlantic City, Marty Small, plans to demolish the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. How serious the mayor with his demolition plan is already clear by the fact that this project takes up the highest priority on his political agenda as the top executive body in the gambling highburg in Atlantic City, New Jersey. For Trump, on the other hand, the demolition could be the end of an economic fiasco.

According to Mayor Marty Small, Atlantic City will soon be free of Trump casinos. ((©1778011/Pixabay)

Atlantic City is booming-but soon without a Trump building

if Atlantic City Often also in the shadow of the great gaming paradise in Las Vegas, in 2019 the city in New Jersey certainly did not have to hide from the bright US metropolis in the Nevada desert.

In the past year, Atlantic City was able to grow economically again – and continue prospering. Compared to 2018 a double -digit percentage growth reached. The third quarter of 2019 in particular went extremely well. Overall, the gambling centers in Atlantic City were able to achieve almost $ 240 million. We had about it already reported.

Someone who does not benefit from this is US President Donald Trump, who is of course also represented in Atlantic City with one of his numerous casinos, although now only as a meaningless and empty building without operation. Because already in 2014 Trump Entertainment Resorts Register bankruptcy. Immobilienmogul Carl Icahn acquired the building four years ago. Nothing has happened since then.

“Not a casino that is only half as big has ever been economical. It was doomed from the start. ”Steve Wynn, Entrepreneur and casino mogul

Now it will be the mayor of the city Marty Small, but too much with the Trump real estate that-according to his opinion-destroy the cityscape. At a political event, Small announced that the demolition of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casinos was at the top of his political agenda for this year. However, the Mayor of Atlantic City did not reveal how he would like to implement this. To date, several demolition applications had already been rejected.

“The goal of my government is to tear down the Trump Plaza (…). It’s a embarrassment, it is hideous for our skyline and it is the biggest eyesore in the city. ”Marty Small, Mayor of Atlantic City

Trump and Atlantic City – unsuccessful and open end

Now, however, it seems that the responsible offices could be willing to show that Demolition of the old Trump casino to approve. This would probably be the final end of Donald Trump in gambling business-at least in Atlantic City.

Trump had started his success plan in the 1980s and had numerous properties newly built in the city or bought existing properties. Trump opened both Hotels as well as casinosthat are still known worldwide. These include:

  • Trump Taj Mahal
  • Trump Plaza
  • Trump World’s Fair
  • Trump Marina

However, none of the hotel or gaming companies achieved the economic success that they should have had given the horrendous financial investments, on the contrary. Already in the early 1990s Trump Entertainment Resorts had to Register bankruptcy. There were three other bankruptcy applications, last time as mentioned in 2014. Perhaps Trump should become active on the Internet and offer players the chance Play online without registration. Maybe he could compensate for his losses.

If you look at the former pompously illuminated Trump buildings today, there is hardly anything reminiscent of the current US president. After the sealed out and visible decay of his hotels and casinos in Atlantic City, Trump prompted the Disassembly of his name signs on the buildings.

“Trump means: the finest. The Taj Mahal with its 245,000 crown lust is an awesome masterpiece of architecture. ”Donald Trump, President of the United States

How bad it is actually about Trump’s finance and entrepreneurial health cannot be said in concrete terms. Because Trump has been trying to keep any information on the business activity of the private individual Donald Trump. The fact that he has good reasons for this is already a look at the 2006 financial year: the total year of all Trump casinos with a total of the balance sheet was Minus of almost $ 1.4 billion closed.