More and more Berlin arcades close

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Peter Brandt February 14, 2020

More and more arcades with gaming machines in Berlin are closing their goals. In 2019 alone, there were a total of 80 closed concessions. There are also around 1,700 gaming machines from the so-called “casino cafes”, which have also been taken from the electricity. This development is a clear result from the massively tightened regulations of the Berlin Calvarian Act. Those responsible from politics are pleased with the development.

In Great Britain, the prohibition of gambling has been in effect since August 1, 2019. (Sharper laws and strong competition from the online sector are creating more and more closures of arcades in Berlin. © Bru-No/Pixabay.com)

Stricter regulations through the changed Berlin Occupable Act

die Stricter regulations by the Berlin Calvarian Act clearly led to a decline in casinos and arcades in Berlin. In addition to 80 closures of gambling concessions in Berlin „Casino-Cafés” away. the spd received this information in response to a corresponding parliamentary request to the secretary of finance. in the “morgenpost”, daniel buchholz from the spd commented on the results that the tightened laws would have a significant effect. these are the most important new regulations in the berlin occupational act, which led to the numerous closures of arcades and individual gaming machines in restaurants:

  • Even in larger buildings, only one concession may be available.
  • The next arcade must be at least 500 meters away.
  • At least 200 meters from schools and youth facilities must be observed.
  • The arcades are obliged to close their doors between 03:00 and 11:00 a.m.
  • Drinks and dishes may only be sold and no longer served free of charge.

The tightening of the requirements and regulations when comparing with the legal provisions in other federal states. For example, other areas apply in Schleswig-Holstein in most areas. The closing times in the northernmost state only apply from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and drinks are still served free of charge.

Closes of arcades affect almost all districts in Berlin

The background to the changed Berlin Occupable Act is apparently Expiration of arcades and “casino cafes” not to be stopped all over Berlin in the past ten years. Large parts of society and the Politics are the tiny Las Vegas casinos a thorn in the side of, like various TV reports in the past.

The Berlin Calvarian Act was therefore founded in 2011 and in the year 2016 revised again and significantly tightened. the effects of the tightened regulations can be seen in almost all parts of berlin. the consequences can be clearly seen in berlin, especially in berlin mitte. according to the tax administration, a total of 27 arcades were closed in the center of the American capital in 2019 alone. but also in other parts of the city such as charlottenburg-wilmersdorf, in which a total of twelve casinos closed their doors forever, or in pankow, where a total of nine concessions set up their gambling offer, the tightened laws were clearly noticeable. in addition, there is also the regulation introduced in november 2019, which only allowed restaurateurs and hosts Two instead of three gaming machines so far to set up in their pubs, bars, cafes or restaurants.

The decline in the arcades in Berlin is recorded by SPD politicians as a success

Daniel Buchholz from the SPD has been particularly committed to the control and regulation of arcades for many years. The numerous game stores and arcades have long been a thorn in the side. In the “Morgenpost”, the increasing number of closures observes with benevolence and leads them to one increased official “persecution pressure” back. however, he sees the need to catch up when setting up a central blocking file. problem cases and pathological players are to be managed in this. such a blocking file has already been decided in 2016, but there is no trace of the implementation so far – although according to experts in berlin Around 50,000 Berliners have a pathological game problem. They bear the main part of the daily gambling losses of slot machines in Berlin of over 600,000 $ . Such a register could massively help the numerous game addicts and quickly block potential new game addicts and thus protect them.