AI as support for poker players

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Lennart folder July 29, 2023

Using artificial intelligence and NFT technology, the planned online poker platform Pokeraces is intended to make the online game more fairer again. John Caldwell, formerly PokerStars, joined Bob Williams, formerly Full Tilt Poker, for the development and foundation. The new online poker platform entitled Pokeraces should differ in its principles from previous platforms and thus bring casual players back on board.

The online poker platform Pokeraces is said to make the poker game more balanced using artificial intelligence. ((©geralt /Pixabay.com)

The focus on the occasion and recreational players

The first source recently reported the technology and business portal business news about the project of the two ex-executives at the Online poker giants PokerStars and full tilt poker. The new Online poker platform Pokeraces will differ fundamentally from the previous providers, because the offer in the area of online poker will be built on the basis of artificial intelligence (AI) and the so-called NFT technology.

With this serious deviation from previous platforms, Caldwell and Williams primarily want to open up a target group that has turned away from the online poker in the last decade despite the interim poker boom: the casual players. The attractiveness of the online poker has suffered massively in this target group in recent years. The main reasons for this are Especially bots and real-time aid softwarethat were used by many professional to semi-professional players to track down “weaker” casual players and defeat the software.

The problem with poker bots and real-time assistance software Poker bots and real-time assistance software have been increasingly being used by players on online poker platforms in virtual poker rooms for several years. This gives users a clear advantage over normal players-especially towards casual players who only see online poker for real money as a leisure activity or just want to try their luck. If exactly this target group loses regularly, interest in the online poker automatically decreases, which brings noticeable loss of sales to large operators such as poker stars, party poker, ggpoker or 888 poker. That is why the large online poker platforms are also in war with exactly these bot accounts. For this purpose, a Poker Integrity Council (PIC) is used, which should track down conspicuous activities in this area. Again and again the providers publish corresponding success reports such as 888 poker. According to this, around $ 300,000 in 2021 was collected by tracked down bots accounts. In the face of the height of the US dollars “stunned” by poker bot, however, this sum appears more like a drop on the hot stone.

Fun is in the foreground at Pokeraces

Development in recent years has not only triggered frustration among hobby and casual players as well as the operators of the online poker platforms. Companies such as I3Soft that developed the new software for pokeraces was also influenced by the negative development in the poker scene. In a statement, the company referred to incorrect development in the online tournament poker. Poker is the passion of i3soft. The recreational players are an important factor. As long as these do not become active again, online tournaments could not Doing more and offering a gaming experience that is worth your time and money.

Next Level Poker – What’s behind Pokeraces?

The new online poker platform Pokeraces is based on the support of artificial intelligence. In order to create a balanced field and the advantage of real-time assistance software or poker bots with just a few players, should Each player receives their own AI bots. In addition, a new tournament format is introduced in which the players participate in two different phases. The first phase consists of a pure duel between the personalized AI poker bots. The first phase is played until the bubble is reached, i.e. the places in prize money.

The bots are based on their playing style on the metadata of the players, which are through a Algorithm from Pokeraces based on the previous performance of the players analyzed and determined will. If a player gets better, he will also be rewarded with so-called non-fungable tokens (NFTS). The first tournament phase in conventional online tournaments usually takes several hours-depending on the type of tournament. By taking over the poker bots of the first phase, this is shortened to a few minutes. Although the player indulges in the first phase of the AI, this guarantees a fair course.

With the beginning of the second tournament phase, the player himself takes command again. However, it is also possible to continue playing the poker bot. A prerequisite for participation in such a tournament is The acquisition of NFT bots. These are unique, virtual and stored objects stored on blockchains that cannot be copied or hacked.

What are the NFTs? The players themselves are behind the NFTs. They are similar to an avatar who has developed over time with the players and has achieved success, for example a tournament win. In addition, the tokens should be adapted by the players over time and upgraded with small extras such as sunglasses or the like.

Although the new online poker platform Pokeraces has not yet been launched and it is not yet clear in which countries it will be accessible, the poker bot nfts can be purchased in the next few months. According to Caldwell and Williams, the start of the platform is already for The third quarter planned this year. It remains exciting.