75.000 US-Dollar Betrug an Penn National Gaming

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Peter Brandt January 20, 2020

The American gambling company Penn National Gaming was cheated by former employees by $ 75,000. The employee worked as a department director and is now faced with an indictment for theft and fraud. According to reports from the news portal Pennlive, the now 56-year-old woman repeatedly stolen gift cards from the gaming company as a director for corporate achievements and then used it herself. The damage is around $ 75,000, the equivalent of around 67,000 $ .

An ex-director cheated the gaming company Penn National Gaming by more than $ 75,000. ((© Geralt/Pixabay)

Countless gift cards stolen

The American gambling company National Penn Gaming With the headquarters in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, runs 43 gambling facilities such as casinos and racetracks in the USA and Canada and is considered North America’s largest regional gambling provider. The company is implementing more than three billion US dollars a year and is also listed on the stock exchange.

The accused, former employee of the gaming group was employed there as a director of corporate services and therefore had direct access to the ominous gift cards, which were regularly awarded to the Penn National Gaming employees. Depending on the type, the gift cards have a single value between $ 25 and $ 50, converted between 22 and 44 $ . The 56-year-old is accused Gift cards worth $ 75,000 stolen and to have used yourself.

All bonus programs were their responsibility

So that the indictment could also be raised with proof, the procedure was preceded by months of investigations. The woman who worked as a “Director of Benefits” from October 2015 to June 2019 and was finally responsible for the company’s own bonus program were finally convicted House searches including computer and telephone surveillance necessary over a longer period of time.

The vouchers and gift cards were actually intended for employees who had participated in health -promoting activities or advertised voluntary services. This should create a monetary incentive. The former employee had to order the vouchers and gift cards and distribute them to the other employees according to their services. However, the ex-director used The gift cards for yourself, instead of distributing them lawfully. The additional “generated” money used the accused for trips and personal purchases.

Gambling companies are becoming more and more victims of fraud. ”There is always talk of dubious gambling providers who rip off and cheat their customers. Here you can find out What are the forms of fraud in online casinos. However, the fact that the many reputable gambling companies themselves become victims of fraud usually pass the public. Companies in particular always try to rip off the employer with tricks.

A dealer of the MGM National Harbor Casino in Maryland recently was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He could be demonstrated that he had cheated on the casino with a few accomplices at the Baccarat. The 32-year-old dealer had betrayed the order of the playing cards to his colleagues and made it possible for the players to win. In total, the fraudsters captured a less than 890,000 $ .

Another fraud from the US state state Connecticut, in which a black-jack dealer in the casino of the Mohegan Sun Resort made an advantage when playing, also caused a sensation. The 49-year-old dealer and his accomplice had “earned” around $ 60,000. The fraud mesh flew open and for the fraudsters the path ended in front of the court. ”

Also lied to smoking

In addition, the ex-employee didn’t just hit the gift cards and bonus programs of the other employees. As a “Director of Benefits”, she also had direct access to her own information. So she made it through false information that her own Bonus references annually by $ 1,200 annually, the equivalent of around 1,000 $ increased – without the woman being able to get the corresponding performance.

For example, she stated to Penn National Gaming that she did not smoke. She also put all family members under this status. As a result, the former employee saved monthly health contributions. The authorities have now been able to prove that the woman had lied to the information. This fact should not improve their chances in court. However, their deposit was set at $ 80,000, the equivalent of around 71,000 $ .