“7 Days to Vegas”: New poker happiness film is in the USA

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Lennart folder 4. October 2019

Las Vegas writes his own laws. What happens in Las Vegas remains in Las Vegas. These sentences describe the fabulous myth of the Mekka of the Gambling World, which also has to serve from gambling and party genre for Hollywood films at regular intervals. At the start of the autumnal cinema season, a new gambling film has now started in the USA. The film listens to the title “7 Days to Vegas” and is about a curious bet that main actor Vince van Patten has received.

The main character Duke Madson has a total of seven days to reach this famous sign. ((© image source)

A high betting mission

World Poker Tour moderator Vince van Patten not only plays the central film figure Duke Madson, but is also a co-author of the comedy, which is about gambling, poker and a curious bet. The project was already presented at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, which takes place at the beginning of the year. The big premiere only followed in Las Vegas last week. You couldn’t have chosen the premiere location better, but main actor Vince van Patten has to a bet over one million US dollars Get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas within just seven days. The 280 miles that he has to cover are designed as a crazy road trip that offers the audience a lot of fun and curiosities.

The poker prominence gives itself the honor

The premiere of the new gambling comedy attracted next to the cast, to which besides Vince van Patten too Film star and poker lover Jennifer Tilly heard, also numerous sizes from the world of gambling to las vegas. the opening ceremony could not miss the prominence of the poker game. at the event, among other things, the world -famous poker professionals mike matusow, mike sexton and phil hellmuth were met. the connection into the poker world is obvious, the main actor vince van patten actually occurs For over 17 years as a moderator of numerous large poker tournaments in appearance. His close connections to the poker world also ensured that the two poker superstars Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari even received a small supporting role in “7 Days to Vegas”. Poker or a poker round is the origin of the film in the new comedy, but in principle the focus is on a curious bet.

Where can I watch the film? The film “7 Days to Vegas” is now in American cinemas, but has not yet been reported on a American theatrical release. Interested viewers can now get the new gambling film in the Apple App Store and Amazon Prime as a download.

Poker, bets, gambling and a road movie

The main actor and co-author Vince van Patten combines in “7 Days to vegas” a funny road trip with real events. because the poker presenter lived out the love of poker game that was created by his father, in his own private poker rounds in real life. during these poker rounds, smaller to larger, sometimes crazy bets were closed, from which the film idea was ultimately created. because the bet to cover the 280 miles between los angeles and las vegas on foot in just seven days. from this, van patten wrote his script for the film. but the high stakes poker rounds are only the hanger or the introduction of the story, which is why The real poker content in the film is rather low. But the main character was right Van Patten, as he illustrated in a conversation with a journalist of the World Poker Tour:

“I like to call the film as a meeting of The Hangover and The Sting. The film is based on my real poker round, which I had in Los Angeles in the 90s. She developed from a very small game, into a very big game. But the best thing was that it wasn’t really about poker at all. This film is not about poker either. It’s about the characters that are bigger than real life. Betting are among the big things we do. “

For director Eric Balfour, “7 Days to vegas” is the first film for the Hollywood world. Previously, he himself was a actor in series like Six Feet Under and O.C. California performed.

Expectations and reviews

The film offers easy food for the audience. The gags sit and the humor is simple and light. Although the film plays around the gambling genre (poker, betting, las vegas), the actual action is more likely Worn by the film-typical make-or-break story, in which the main character usually either fails crashing or wins triumphal. The reviews of the film are almost consistently positive in America. It remains to be seen whether the comedy “7 Days to Vegas” also hits the nerve of the audience in USA. The requirements of the film (based on real events, curious bets, good cast etc.) promise a lot.