16. Symposium gambling with excitement expected

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Lennart folder February 1, 2019

It is time again in mid -March. For the 16th time, representatives of the gambling industry will meet at the University of Hohenheim in order to discuss current topics together, which are particularly important for the large gaming providers, associations, institutions and regulatory authorities in the industry. On March 12th and 13th there are also two panel discussions on the program. As in 2018, large names will discuss current topics together. This year is Mathias Dahms from the American Sports Betting Association as well as Georg Pecker from the American Automatism industry.

In addition to many words, the contributions and discussions of the symposium are of course also accompanied by digital media.

From advertising to biometry

the main topics of the panel lectures are in the symposium glory in 2019 in addition to the area of marketing and certification questions when it comes to addiction prevention. representatives of the baden-württemberg state parliament are also expected on this topic, so that the political perspective is also heard. but that’s not enough. because even apart from these almost usual issues, if the gaming market is discussed in USA, there are all sorts of things innovative lectures to hear, including about technical innovationsthat can be interesting for the gambling industry. above all, the lectures by dennis schlegel on the subject Blockchain technology as well as the presentations of dr. jürgen pampus, dr. jens-uwe garbas and dr. stefan bring on the complex topic of biometry should be of interest and some possibly even unexpected perspectives open to the future of the gambling sector in USA. this includes lectures on facial recognition as an identification method and the emotional detection using biometric methods. the symposium is organized by the gambling center of the university of hohenheim, founded in 2004. over 20 scientists from different specialist disciplines deal with the topic of gambling from the point of view of consumer policy, mathematics and statistics, communication and information science, game theory up to psychology, law and medicine. The lecture topics of the 16th Symposium Gambling in the overview:

  • Reason for the Lotteriemonopol
  • Enforcement and enforcement deficits
  • Certification and accreditation
  • advertising
  • Organization of gambling addiction research, help and prevention
  • Cooperation addiction aid and provider
  • Measures for player and youth protection
  • Technical developments: biometrics and blockchain

if you want to stop by in the audimax of the university of hohenheim and follow the individual discussions and lectures live, you can register until february 25th. as a spectator, practically everyone can take part. the costs are 350 $ per card and entitle to access to garbenstraße 30 in hohenheim on both march 12th and on march 13th. the university of hohenheim also recommends trying to accommodate accommodation in good time. if you would like to get an overview of which experts take a position on which topics and when can you expect which lectures, you have the option of viewing the current program of the 16th symposium for gambling as a or downloading free of charge.

Symposium with plenty of prominence

Of course, a symposium could not be spoken of with a clear conscience, even if not well -concentrated specialist knowledge in the person of several high -ranking representatives of the gambling industry could be expected. In addition to Prof. Dr. Tilman Becker, the head of the Gaming Gambling Research Center, will also be expected to have other known names on site – an overview:

  • Georg Stecker: Georg Stecker is the board spokesman for the American automatic economy that represents the interests of the industry towards politics, administration and media. The umbrella organization recently drew attention to itself because it secured Bastian Schweinsteiger as a testimonial for the campaign against illegal gambling started at the end of 2018.
  • Mathias Dahms: Mathias Dahms is currently the honorary president of the American Sports Betting Association and also managing director of XTIP Sportwetten Vertrieb GmbH. Previously, he worked as a CEO at the Mybet Holding.
  • Dr. Dirk Quemann: Dr. Dirk Quermann is the managing director of Merkur Interactive and is represented the American Online Casino Association in Hohenheim at the Glaschspiel in Hohenheim, in which he himself acts as President. In addition, Dr. Dirk Quermann recently also part of the new management level of the Gauselmann Group. As a spokesman for the management, he mainly takes care of the sports betting area.

Symposium 2018 with a clear conclusion

It can hardly be said that the gaming industry in USA is static. This proves the annual Meeting of the most important representatives of American gaming companies and facilities in the symposium gambling at the university of hohenheim. as early as 2018, the participants and organizers had intensive discussions, but in the end they came to a clear conclusion. the demands of the 15th symposium from 2018 were therefore relatively clear: the federal and state governments should implement a nationwide uniform regulation. since the federal and state governments have meanwhile been received, there are finally other topics on the agenda in 2019.