Vanessa Kade: New poker hope?

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Lennart folder 6. April 2021

For a few weeks now, the Twitch streamer Vanessa Kade as a poker player has been looking forward to a lot. The Canadian not only fought a public mud fight with her former affiliate partner GGPoker, but also drew attention to the greatest success of her poker career so far. In the final of the Sunday Million 15th Anniversary, Kade was able to prevail against the competition and collect the maximum profit of over $ 1.5 million.

In the large showdown of the Sunday Million, 65 players fought for their share in the $ 13,975,200 price pool. ((© Theandrasbarta/Pixabay)

Birth of a poker star?

Vanessa Kade is not a blank leaf in the poker scene. The Canadian has been active on the Twitch platform for some time now for some time And has been able to build a relatively large followers. A total of over 21,500 people follow her who look over the shoulder of the former video game producer during her poker games on the net. Despite her love for the card game, Kade has not yet been able to win major tournaments and was therefore not yet one of the big names in the scene.

After their triumph in the final of the Sunday Millions, the was held online due to the corona pandemic, however, this may have changed. The Twitch streamer not only managed to qualify for the final table, but also With her victory, the maximum amount of $ 1,514,920 cleared out And thus stood out over 69,000 competing players. 65 of them vied in the big showdown for the profit of over $ 1.5 million, which the Canadian was ultimately able to secure. She celebrated the greatest success of her poker career on Twitter:

“We simply prevailed against 69,876 players and won $ 1.5 million. It is an indescribable feeling. This is by far the best day of my life. All the pain was worth it, the dream is a reality. “Vanessa Kade, Streamer on Twitch, Post on Twitter

At the Sunday Millions there were also roof players who were consisted of three Americans and three Austrians each. The Austrian Highroller “Grozzorg” even had a better starting position than Vanessa Kade, who started the final ranking in 13th place. From his advantage, however, “Grozzorg” could not capitalize and lost the ground, so that the American “Havanover” ended the tournament as the best American -speaking participant. He made it to 13th place and won $ 49,300.

Vanessa Cade: Stress Um and Bilzerian

Before her victory at the Sunday Millions, Vanessa Kade made the headlines due to her partnership with ggpoker. The decisive factor was the controversial personnel Dan Bilzerian, the rapidly growing Poker platform committed as a brand ambassador. GGPOKER received a lot of criticism for this step – also from Vanessa Kade. The Twitch streamer accused Bilzerian as a woman-considering person and despite her status as a ggpoker-affiliate, went hard with her partner company.

After the situation calmed down a bit in January 2021 and the public debate cooled down Twitter post from the poker player for international women’s day for a new scandal that finally ended the tense relationship between the kade and ggpoker. The poker platform dissolved the common affiliate contract with immediate effect. A charity event was preceded:

“The efforts of ggpoker to international women’s day are as if a cigarette company donates to a cancer society. You should fix the problem before it can even do damage. The only right one would not be sponsorship. “Vanessa Kade, Twitch streamer and poker player, Post on Twitter

Just a few days after the dissolution of the cooperation with GGPoker, Vanessa Kade announced that with American Cartroom (ACR) she found a new poker platform for a partnership. This is how the Twitch streamer becomes a statement appear as a brand ambassador for ACR in the future.

Debate beats high waves

Despite the dissolution of cooperation with ggpoker, Kade and Bilzerian got into one Personal exchange of blows, which is carried to the public via social media became. After the Twitch streamer recorded that the Bilzerian personnel personally meant a big step back for the poker community, the latter resisted. So he advised Kade to be calm because nobody would listen to her. At the same time, he insulted her as a bitch.

Poker professional takes part. Not only Vanessa Kade was aggressive compared to Dan Bilzerian. The English poker professional James McGeorge also used the public skirmish to get rid of his personal opinion about the self -proclaimed Playboy. So he described Bilzerian as a bullshit illiterate who was not even worth being spat on. The insulting choice of words only gives an idea of which standing enjoys the controversial personnel Dan Bilzerian in the poker community.