US casinos record sales record

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Peter Brandt February 23, 2023

In 2021, the casinos in the United States managed to generate around $ 53 billion. This goes from a press release from the “American Gaming Association” (AGA), which speaks of incredible economic output and sees the US happiness industry on a very good way for the future. The sum generated corresponds to a new sales record.

Due to the corona pandemic, the US casinos have had to struggle with strong losses in recent years. ((©Fusion Medical Animation/Unsplash)

Comeback nach Corona-Pandemie

COVID-19 is responsible for enormous company and economic damage, especially in the crisis year 2020. Similar to many other industries worldwide, the gaming industry in the United States had to fight with enormous losses. Larger providers had fewer problems to survive the continued dry spell, but sustainable damage has left pandemic.

The year 2023 symbolizes a kind of comeback accordingly. The casino economy in the United States was able to achieve an increase in sales of 76.6 percent compared to 2020. Even the record from 2019 would have overbid by 21 percent can become. According to the “American Gaming Association“Underline the recent financial result of how well the US casinos fought out of the crisis despite all the adversities.

Bill Miller, President and CEO of the AGA, was particularly satisfied:

“The results are just impressive. They reflect our work and our commitment to health and security in the past year. It is obvious how much the Americans greeted the nationwide expansion of gambling. “Bill Miller, President and CEO of the American Gaming Association, Official press release from the AGA

According to the AGA report, table games such as roulette and blackjack with an increase of 1.1 percent remained relatively stable compared to 2019. In contrast, compared to 2020, the classic gambling could have increased by 66.8 percent. A The slot machines would have booked particularly great growth – 10.0 percent in 2019 and 67.7 percent to 2020. A large part of the sales generated is due to the second half of 2021. The casino economy also set up sales records in the respective quarters.

Hype about sports betting and online casinos

The terrestrial gambling offers are still the draft horse of the US gambling industry, but could not have generated the huge amount of sales alone. The relatively new sports betting and online casinos would have contributed a considerable part. Both segments are currently on the rise in the United States and Experience an enormous hype. This is also reflected in the numbers. The sports betting rose by 177.1 percent compared to the year. The online providers would have earned around 138.9 percent more money than last year.

US sports betting. The sports betting segment in the United States has been in a boom phase for a long time. In more and more states, people can legally place their bets on sporting events with licensed bookmakers. The big leagues such as NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB are particularly in demand. Last but not least, the past super bowl shows how big the hype is current. Only through the NFL final alone would the legal providers take $ 7.6 billion.

The emerging gaming segments will be a Important role for the future of the industry attributed. Their share of the total sales would have been almost 1.0 percent in 2019. In 2021 it was already 15 percent. The increasing relevance clearly goes back to Corona pandemic, which was responsible for the closure of the state-based gambling offer over a long period of time.

Rosy future prospects

According to the AGA, the mixture of terrestrial gambling, sports betting and online gaming is a healthy range of offers that are for one Rosy future of the US gambling industry will worry. Even if the state -based offer will make up a large part of the economic output in the next few years, the increasing relevance of the new segments should not be underestimated.

Still stands In many states, the legalization of the sports betting And the associated license allocation to the qualified bookmakers. In the meantime, around 140 million Americans could Legally place their bets with providersHowever, the market is far from being exhausted.

Illegal gambling. Despite the positive development, the AGA believes that there would be a small drop of bitterness – the illegal gambling. So that the local industry can continue to grow, the government and authorities would have to proceed more decisively against the black market. All over the country there were countless non-licensed gaming equipment that do not give any player and minor protection. The risk of gambling addiction is accordingly inherent. At the same time, the illegal devices are a cost burden for the state because huge sums of money would be lost in tax revenue.