Until 2020: Japan’s casino resort plans have to wait

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Lennart folder 3. June 2019

Bad news for the big gambling groups in the world that had hoped for new market opportunities in Japan. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe initially stopped all the plans for the new casino resorts until 2020. The interruption makes an initially planned opening on time for the Expo 2025 much less likely. Japan’s population does not seem to be bothered by this.

A digital illustration of one of the planned, state-of-the-art casino resorts in Japan.(©Japan Times)

The Commission is not activated next year

The fact that many people in Asia are enthusiastic gambling could perhaps be called stereotypical, but is still an open secret. Why else should it be so many Exclusive casinos in Far East give? but the previous number of casinos does not seem to satisfy the need for roulette, blackjack, poker and co. because japan has been planning to inspire locals as well as visitors with a monstrous casino resort for a long time. according to the latest reports, however, the project could find an abrupt end. because as a government spokesman japan announced last week, there are unplanned delays. the project may have to be completely added – at least for the time being. this year the actually planned examination and granting of the necessary Casino-licenses but no longer take place. this should actually By July 1st, 2019 at the latest happen. a specially set up casino commission would have had the task of developing and ultimately monitoring the framework conditions and structures for the construction and operation of the japanese casino resort. the japanese government said that the licensing process was initially postponed to the next year. so far, there is no specific date for the resumption of the project. good to know: the commission responsible for the casino project was led under the name “casino management board”, consisted of five people and was directly subordinate to the government cabinet. in addition to the elaboration of individual license points, the commission should also act as a financial supervision. japan wanted to prevent money laundering or tax evasion from the outset and legally placed the project on a transparent and legal foundation. but why is that? apparently, the postponement has purely political reasons. in july this year, elections are imminent in japan. politicians of the governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) of President ABE However, seem to fear that the licensing of the large casino project could lead to voice loss. Because although broad sections of the population in Japan are quite open to gambling, there are also very conservative Japan parts of the population that strict gambling strictly.

Rejection of gambling in the Japanese population?

How strong the conflict between open-minded gambling supporters and conservative opponents of gambling in Japan is currently still manifested in the current major casino project. Surveys have shown that around 70 percent of all Japanese at least face the project skeptical. some residents of the island even completely reject the casino resort. this is also the reason for the current standstill of the project. in addition, no location for the casino resort has yet been found. many regions of japan fear problems with their local population if a casino resort literally when rejecting such a high rejection on your own doorstep would be. in the media, too, the project is at least partly viewed critically. the best example of this is the editorial of the „Yumusu Shimbun”, the largest daily newspaper in Japan. There it is said in relation to the planned casino resort:

“A growth strategy that exploits the bad luck of others is extremely unhealthy.”

Surprisingly, the numerous financial advantages of the project do not change public opinion. Of course, in the resort too Hotels and amusement facilities to be found that would have little to do with the casino. in addition to horrendous tax revenue, numerous jobs would of course also be created, not to mention tourism, which would also fill the health insurers. nevertheless, the reservations are set in stone. even the government’s plans, citizens’ and Player protection through entrance fees to the resort As well as to set a limited number of visitors for each person, have not helped. This makes it clear that gambling in Japan is not only rejected for reasons of player protection – at least partially – but that it could be more of a cultural problem. After all, the city of Osaka has indicated that it might want to act as a location for the casino resort.

Opening to the Expo 2025 unlikely

The stop of the casino project in Japan also has completely different effects on the future, especially economic. It was originally planned to have the casino resort parallel to EXPO 2025 to finish, which should take place in osaka. according to calculations, both destinations in the interaction of $ 17.6 billion would have flowed to japan. but this no longer seems possible. but there are other negative effects. in particular american casinos or companies such as that MGM Resorts Or the “Las Vegas Sands” group were interested in building a location in Japan. However, since the Asian country appeals to further commitment to the gaming sector until further notice, it can be assumed that foreign companies will also have few chances of a Japanese location.