Sweden acts against betters

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Maximilian Deininger 21. September 2020

Sweden wants to contain illegal agreements in national sport. The gaming authority has drawn up new rules for sports betting providers. With its new guidelines, the Swedish gambling supervision is aimed particularly at the sports regulations in football itself. In the future, sports betting providers on the Swedish betting market should be prohibited to offer bets on regular offenses of players. According to the gaming supervision, events such as yellow cards or references are particularly susceptible to manipulations by participating players. Swedish sports betting providers criticize the new rules and are inappropriate and restrictive.

In order to limit illegal agreements on sports betting, the Swedish gambling supervision has set up new rules for sports betting providers. ((©planet_fox/Pixabay)

Swedish Sports Betting Act the strictest across Europe

Sweden hit the Covid 19 pandemic particularly hard, and in many ways. However, the Coronavirus not only caused extensive damage in the Scandinavian country, but also initiated developments that are not negative per se, but were ultimately not desirable by the Swedish government, as was now evident. Especially the strong Increase in digital online gambling Swedish residents seems to have a thorn in the side.

Already in April it was thought about this development To prohibit online gambling entirely for the entire country. This was even confirmed by the Swedish gambling supervision, the Spelinpections. In the end it was not so far, at least not quite.

For this, however, the Swedish legislature had on June 1st of this year The national gambling law tightened, and to such a way that this is now considered the strictest rules across Europe. It is not yet clear whether the new regulations such as time limits for stays in the online casino or deposit limits of less than 500 $ will remain permanently, but sometimes anti-gambling laws are even tightened. Now the Swedish sports betting providers meet.

Sweden’s bookmaker obliges to actively participate in anti-competition strategies. Unlike in most European countries, the Swedish government actively involves its companies working on the national sports betting market in measures to defend game manipulations. Swedish sports betting providers, for example, are obliged to present the responsible gambling supervision in the first quarter of each year an extensive minutes of supposed or actual attempts at betting fraud.

Prohibition of bets on regulatory violations in football games

Although Swedish sports betting providers already have to work closely with the Swedish gaming authority, measures have recently been determined again with which the authority wants to continue to compete against betting in the sports betting segment. In particular, the Football targetedbecause due to the economic strength of this sport, the risk of game manipulations is exceptionally high in the opinion of the authority.

From January 1, 2021, Swedish sports betting providers should be forbidden to offer football betting for regulations. This includes, for example, betting on yellow or red cards for individual players or teams as well as, among other things, penalty that result from punished fouls in the penalty area. Since such events are extremely easy to bring about by participating football players, the risk of betting fraud is also particularly high.

The concrete Rules Has the spel inspections Published on your own homepage. In his legislation, Sweden also follows other European countries, in which currently increasingly against betting fraud, especially in football, is currently being carried out in particular in Great Britain.

Driving and co-responsible force is behind the new anti-competition strategy in Sweden Camilla Rosenberg, which has been working for the Swedish gambling supervision since 2015 and has now been managing it. As early as October 2017, the new manager of the management showed where the trip of the Swedish gambling and sports betting committee would go with it. Now Camilla Rosenberg seems to have followed.

“I look forward to leading the now necessary comprehensive restructuring of the Swedish gaming authority together with all my colleagues at the authority.”Camilla Rosenberg, Director of the Spelinpections, Interview with the IAGR

The suffering of the new regulations are undoubtedly Swedish sports betting providers who do not understand any understanding of such tightened measures. Current numbers show that Sweden has significantly fewer betting fraud and game manipulations in European comparison than many other European countries. The particularly strict gambling law of Sweden is therefore not only unjustified, but also endanger the fair national and international competition in an entire industry.