Support for British gambling law amendment

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Peter Brandt July 15, 2020

The British Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Bett- und Glaspielrat (BGC) recently commented on the planned gambling law change. In an official press release, they reacted to a previously published report by the British government. The so -called House of Lords, the British Parliament, or British Oberhaus, had made various suggestions in the report for a possible change in the law to the new regulation of gambling in Great Britain. The BGC reacted extremely positively and named the report in the press release substantially and crucial for the future of gambling regulation in order to remain competitive. However, concerns were also expressed.

UKGC and BGC support the proposals for a change in Gaming Act of the British government. ((©Walkek/Pixabay)

Protection for endangered players, but no restrictions on responsible players

A reaction from the gaming industry to the report of the British upper house was not long in coming. The subject area in current politics is too important. Above all, however, there are various representatives of the interests, the existence of which directly with one new gambling legislation connected is. The entire British gaming market, both online and country -based, is dependent on fair regulation. This applies, for example, online casinos, casinos, arcades or bookmakers. It is therefore not surprising that the reaction did not take 24 hours on the British Parliament’s report via the press release.

The spokesman here is Michael Dugher, CEO of the BGC’s new standardization committee. In the official press release, Dugher pointed out that the innovations mentioned in the British Parliament report must also be published in full and in detail. The common goal must be a Sensible concept for the gaming industry To develop that, on the one hand, the players who are at risk of gambling or show a problematic game behavior offer protection. On the other hand, the responsible gambling participant does not take the freedom when playing or imposing restrictions there.

“The Lords report rightly recognizes that around 300,000 people are problem players and we understand the effects that can have this on the people around them. However, it is important to remember that the vast majority of the almost 30 million adults in Great Britain who enjoy betting every year and buy a lottery ticket or complete a bet, do this safely and with fun. ” – Michael Dugher, CEO of the new BGC standardization committee, BGC website

According to Dugher, security concepts that meet exactly these requirements are already under development. Together with the UKGC, the BGC is already working on a code of conduct for building the games and on various affordability tests. The goal is to To slow down speed of a single game. Different special functions are also discussed.

British Gambling Commission is calling for a new financing structure

In addition to the British betting and gambling council BGC, the British Gambling Commission UKGC also commented on the report of the British House of Lords about a possible new gambling legislation. In the person of Neil McArthur, the CEO of the UKGC, the Commission referred to the Need for a new financing structure. This is the only way to remain competitive in the global and highly competitive gaming industry. A possible measure is the tightening of the fines in the event of violations. The height should no longer be based exclusively on the severity of the offense, but also on the size of the company.

Criticism of the UKGC from the National Investigator Authority in Great Britain. The British Gambling Commission UKGC is currently exposed to massive criticism. This comes from the National Investigator Authority in Great Britain (National Audit Office, NAO). The UKGC assumed inefficient approach and work. Furthermore, the NAO asked the UKGC to work for higher license fees. These could only be achieved through changes in the law. A reaction from the British Gambling Commission has so far been missing.

However, Neil McArthur from the UKGC also referred to the progress in the area of gaming security. One focus is that Regulation of online gaming been. In the event of violations on the part of the online gambling operator, the enforcement measures were tightened by punishment, for example. Further measures are to be implemented in the near future. They include the removal of special, addictive functions in the slots, affordability tests and the optimization of customer interaction. It therefore remains exciting how the new gambling legislation will really look like in the end.