Super Bowl bets: Record expected

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Maximilian Deininger February 11, 2023

The Super Bowl LVI is expected to give US bookmakers in income of $ 7.6 billion. The forecast would not only mean a record of sales, but also most of the bets ever placed in the United States. This is the result of the American Gaming Association (AGA), which commissioned a sports betting survey for the final game of the NFL.

In this year’s Super Bowl, two teams meet that hardly anyone had on the slip before the season. ((©Adrian Curiel/Unsplash)

Betting activity at record high

For the AGA, “Morning Consult” has asked around 2,212 adults in the United States randomly whether they are interested in this year’s Super Bowl and whether they are planning to place any bet on the final game of the National Football League (NFL). Based on the results, the market analysis group estimates that round 31.4 million people in the United States In some form on the game on February 14, 2023 between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. That would correspond to a record high of betting activities.

In a representative conversion, “Morning Consult” came to the conclusion that Knapp $ 7.6 billion (USD) for sports betting to be output to the Super Bowl LVI. Last year people invested $ 4.28 billion. The predicted sum for this year’s final game would not only top the gross game yields of the US player community by USD 3.33 billion, but would far from exceed the current record sum.

According to Bill Miller, President and CEO of the American Gaming Association, the American population has never been like that before a super bowl Interested in the legal range of sports betting in the country.

Quota favor rams. Among the experts and fans, the Los Angeles Rams are traded as a favorite on the Super Bowl. The team led by defensive anchor Aaron Donald wants to forget the debacle from 2019 after only three points against the New England Patriots could score and get the trophy this year. The Cincinnati Bengals, on the other hand, are considered more blatant outsiders who surprisingly made it to the final with their young quarterback Joe Burrow. The clear distribution of roles is also reflected in the quotas of the US bookmakers. The “Consensus Moneyline” is at -195 for Los Angeles; for cincinnati at +165.

Legislation inspires US sports betting market

Sports betting has only recently been officially legal in large parts of the United States. More and more states are dissolved by the former restrictions and enable private bookmakers to enter the market. This was preceded by the decision on liberalization, a long -winded process between several parties, which ultimately instance from the Supreme Court decided in favor of the sports betting industry became.

The progressive liberalization in the States and the associated expansion of the legal sports betting offer would be welcomed by the general public, according to Miller. This is not least confirmed by the forecast and sales record for the Super Bowl. In addition, comprehensive legalization and regulation of the national sports betting offer ensure that Underground bets decimated on the black market would.

Player protection. Bill Miller is of the opinion that the increase in legal sports betting opportunities across the country protects both the integrity of sport and the industry as well as the player community.

The AGA survey shows that around 76 percent of the adult Americans over the legal offer licensed and regulated bookmakers as important consider. The rate has increased by eleven percent compared to a similar survey carried out by “Morning Consult” for the Super Bowl LV.

Anticipation despite a lack of star power

The Super Bowl stands for a big spectacle, Especially the gigantic half -time show stands out every year. But it is also really sporty. This is ensured, among other things, big names such as Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes or the meanwhile Returned star quaterback Tom Bradythat are all missing this year. Such player types give the final game the necessary star power and Pull the audience under their spell. On February 14, on the other hand, the Veteran Quarterback Matthew Stafford and the still very young Joe Burrow are in the spotlight. However, this does not detract from anticipation and ecstasy – quite the contrary.

The individual playoff games of this year have the Enthusiasm of the fans into immeasurable climbing to let. Two games were decided in the extension. In five other games, the respective teams only separated three points at the final whistle. The sports weather in the USA hope for a showdown again in the grand finale, which is only decided in the last quarter or even in extra time.

Quota adjustment. Most recently, the bookmaker “Caesar’s Sportsbook” had reported that the entrance to a potential extension this season has increased enormously, since disproportionate many games were decided in overtime. For this reason, the betting provider was forced to correct his quota down.