Strache Half Pokerkönig Zanoni

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Lennart folder December 11, 2019

Heinz-Christian Strache, the ex-boss of the Austrian FPÖ, may have helped the poker casino operator Peter Zanoni to make new laws. The Ibiza special commission, which takes care of the Ibiza affair of Strache, has now started an investigation into the Zanoni area. Agreements are said to have occurred between Strache and the gaming operator Zanoni who brought advantages for both parties.

Politics in Austria have to struggle with affairs that extend to the gambling industry. ((© Ashaneen/Pixabay.com)

Tax advantages for the poker game

The ex-FPÖ boss campaigned during his tenure to ensure that the Poker game tax -like as sports betting is treated. The poker casino operator Peter Zanoni, who founded the Concord Card Casinos (CCC), would have benefited from such a regulation of cheaper tax levies. Heinz-Christian Strache, who worked as a sports minister at the time, could have used the revenue from the poker game for his department.

In Austria, the tax burden on the poker providers is not measured by the actual sales of the casinos, but in the use of the players. This leads to a very high tax rate, which is why Zanoni has been fighting for new laws about the poker game in Austria for years. Apart from the high financial burden – according to reports the Austrian tax office wants 600 million $ from Zanoni – other legal requirements place the CCC on the siding.

From January 1, 2020 is the operation of poker venues forbidden. It was clear that more than four years ago 2019 in the Pokersalons the light runs out. Only the casinos Austria are entitled to offer poker games from next year. Therefore, Zanoni, who has become rich as a gaming entrepreneur, tried naturally in lobbying and obviously bumped into open ears from the former FPÖ chief and Vice Chancellor. Strache commented on Austrian media as follows:

“If people approach me and have shown grievances, I have always campaigned for these injustices to be remedied.”

The little gambling should also benefit

In addition to the poker casinos, Peter Zanoni also operates a large number of slot machines. The Austrian law regulates the handling of the slot machines under the name of the “little gambling”. However, the little gambling is prohibited in some federal states. The plan was to postpone responsibility from a country matter to the federal level. Zanoni hoped for a milder regulation, so that slot machines can be set up again in all federal states.

Zanoni hat With his lobbying, support from all parties requested. According to his own statement, he was also able to convince the SPÖ, which recently drove a sharper course against gambling. The Social Democratic Wirtschaftsverband (SWV) should also support the casino businesses. However, the support applies more to the more than 600 CCC employees, who will lose their workplace due to the ban on the offer of poker games on January 1, 2020.

Zanoni has been targeting the authorities for years

The CCC founded Peter Zanoni in 1993. Since then the Authorities always attentive to him and his business. In addition to police controls and confiscations, there were also some legal proceedings that were also decided on the top courts. Despite this headwind, the “Poker King” always managed to remain steadfast.

Now the new tax law has not only brought the empire to falter, but also collapsed. Court proceeds could not prevent the tax office’s claims in three -digit millions and Several companies are now insolvent. As early as spring and summer, CCC Concord Card Schiffscasino and CCC Event Management had to register the insolvency. Also The largest Austrian poker casino is bankrupt.

Peter Zanoni’s lobbying is therefore a logical step to represent the interests of his company and to create better framework conditions. Of the Lobbyism in politics is simply part of it And is common in many industries.

“It gets dangerous when the limit to corruption is exceeded. The Casinos Austria affair beats its waves here, because the Austrian corruption prosecutor is also investigating Novomatic. ”

Cangulation in Casinos Austria affair and Ibiza affair?

The Austrian gambling group may have received in return for the appeal of the former FPÖ politician Peter Sidlo promised as CFO promised happiness in luck. Sidlo has now been discontinued, but the affair probably has a scale that is far from being known. Zanoni is involved with Novomatic that he uses the manufacturer’s slot machines for his company.

In addition, there is also Connections Zanonis to the Ibiza affair. Consulter S. M. did business with Zanoni. An employee of S. M. was also lined with the detective J. H., who uncovered the Ibiza affair, who also brought down Heinz-Christian Strache. The end of the political career of Strache could also have sealed the end of the CCC, which must close its doors at the end of the year. However, it still has to be determined whether there are further entanglements or even corruption on the part of Zanoni.

“Basically, the amendment to the Austrian Gambling Act is positive because the market should have long been regulated. But it means that for our businesses. ”Peter Zanoni, Managing Director, Concord Card Casinos