SG extended license agreement with Hasbro until 2025

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Lennart folder January 7, 2019

Game developer Scientific Games has extended and expanded his license agreement with Hasbro through the exclusive use of brands such as Monopoly and 15 others. By 2025, Scientific Games is the only Igaming provider to sell gambling with the Monopoly brand. With the renewal, the agreement will also include table games for the first time.

The board game Monopoly with cubes, figures, houses and hotels.

The American developer studio Scientific Games based in Las Vegas has renewed an old license agreement with the toy manufacturer Hasbro. The two US companies have been working for over 20 years to develop the Monopoly brand in online gambling. The latest agreement, which was concluded shortly before the turn of the year, extends this license agreement by 2025.

“We have worked with Hasbro since 1998 to expand the Monopoly brand as a pillar for innovation to become one of the most popular brands in the Igaming industry. This new agreement demonstrates the strength of our great cooperation and celebrates the popularity of the Monopoly brand as a buying argument for slot machines and lottery tickets. The agreement gives us the privilege of incorporating the brand into a wider portfolio of products and game types. We look forward to continuing to work with Hasbro and are enthusiastic to bring Monopoly to the next level in Igaming. ”Barry Cottle, President and CEO of Scientific Games

License agreements now also include the game of life and Yahtzee

the latest license agreement not only extends the monopoly brand’s rights of use by 2025, but extends it and deepens the collaboration of the two game manufacturers. while scientific games have been using the monopoly brand for certain game types since 1998, the software manufacturer can now also offer digital table games that are designed in the monopoly-typical style. furthermore, the agreement is expanded by 15 additional games. among these are some well -known titles such as the game of life, sink ships, yahtzee and cluedo. in the united states and canada, the usage rights for scrabble are also added.

“Hasbro has been trying to create a unique gaming experience for over 90 years and that players can trust them. Our long -term cooperation with Scientific Games gave us the opportunity to convey the Monopoly gaming experience through lottery tickets, online casinos and local arcades and now also table games worldwide. We are proud that our brand icon has become an accelerator of innovation in the Igaming industry and look forward to an even narrower partnership with Scientific Games. ”Mark Blecher, Senior Vice President for Corporate Strategy at Hasbro

Monopoly slots and apps have been a box office for many years

monopoly is one of the most sought -after games both as a board game and in the igaming sector. the cult game celebrated its 80th birthday a few years ago and, according to hasbro, has been sold in 47 languages and over 114 countries. the board game is constantly being reissued and exists in over 300 licensed special editions such as monopoly fortnite, monopoly star wars or monopoly USA. similar to slot machines, the play mechanics of monopoly mainly build on happiness and chance. with over 2.2 million players and spares, the machine game monopoly slots, which was developed by scientific games, is also very strong in sales. noisy Information from the company the machine was played 750 million minutes worldwide. Accordingly, the slot machine was filmed around 6 billion times.

Hasbro and Scientific Games: Two game giants work together

monopoly was invented by charles darrow in 1933 and initially driven out in -house. two years later, the traditional american toy manufacturer parker brothers acquired the right and initiated the sale of the monopoly game on a large scale. the monopoly brand finally managed in 1991, with the takeover of parker brothers by the american hassenfeld brothers and their group hasbro inc. hasbro is now the world’s largest game manufacturer and is led in the nasdaq-100 index. among the best-known brands that belong to the group can also be found in addition to monopoly, nerf, my little pony, transformers, play-doh and magic: the gathering. the scientific games corporation also houses some sizes of the game industry among its subsidiaries. the group’s product range includes not only mechanical slot machines and instant lotteries such as scratch -up, but also digital slot games, game systems and betting terminals. the group, headquartered in las vegas, is also traded on the american stock exchange. scientific games represents around 8,600 employees worldwide. similar to hasbro, the group relies on license partnerships. for example, scientific games also has rights for the james bond films, soundtracks and slogans and develops games on the basis.