Nevada casinos: rising sales

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Peter Brandt 8. August 2021

The casinos in Nevada also broke the sales brand of one billion US dollars (USD) in June. According to official information from the Gaming Supervision of the US state, the local gaming industry was able to generate sales of over 1.19 billion USD. After a long Corona causative route, it is already the fourth month in a row in which the casino operators were able to break the sound barrier of USD one billion.

The countless slot machines have a large share in the financially strong early summer of the Nevada casinos. (© hello I’m nik /unplash.com)

Comeback nach Corona

The gaming industry is one in Nevada Important pillar for the economy, however, which, however, broke off completely due to the effects of corona pandemic. in las vegas in particular, the restrictions caused a ghostly state, since the casino landscape in the gambling metropolis had to keep its doors closed for six months. however, the year 2021 now seems to mean the comeback for the gambling industry in nevada. in the past june, the casinos in the state were able to Seed sales of 110 percent. In June 2020, the casinos were only able to take $ 560 million due to the restrictions and the shutdown. But the gaming industry in Nevada is not only good in comparison to the pandeme plagued year 2020. Even compared to 2019, a quick manner could be put on. In the year before Covid-19, sales were USD 1.04 billion.

Las Vegas Strip As a figurehead of the game of chance in Nevada, Las Vegas, with its numerous casinos and arcades, contributes decisively to the sales. Nevertheless, the famous strip in the gambling metropolis was the only market that could not achieve significant economic growth. Compared to June 2019, the strip recorded a slight decline of one percent. However, Nevada’s gambling supervision gave the all -clear in the official financial report, since the latest figures would have to be viewed in relation. The gaming market on the strip had put an incredibly strong comeback over the past few months.

Basis of the business success

According to the gaming supervision, the recent economic successes in the gambling industry are based on many different factors. Nevertheless, two areas are decisive for the upswing. So it was above all the countless slot machines that contributed to economic growth to have. overall, the slots and machines in the nevadas casinos would have generated a sum of around 868 million usd in june. in addition to the slot machines, too Sports betting extremely productive been. For June, with $ 315 million, there is a new one Record sales was achieved. The still quite young gambling segment in the United States was extremely successful, especially on the mobile market. Around 58 percent of the sales are due to online betting, which have been completed via a smartphone, a tablet or another mobile device.

Liberalization of the sports betting Sports betting in the United States had been banned for a long time. In the meantime, however, a liberalization process for the popular sports betting has been heralded on the US gambling market. Numerous US states have already legalized them-including Nevada. Other regions want to pull straight away. By legalizing the sports betting, the gaming industry in the USA open up completely new opportunities.

Another setback?

At the moment it couldn’t go better for the casinos in Nevada. A comparison of the quarterly figures alone illustrates the current spirit of optimism. From April to June 2021 the industry was able to generate a total of 3.46 billion USD. due to the lockdown, it was only $ 576 million in the same period of last year. the bottom line is that gross games have more than quinted. despite the latest business success, the positive development of the nevada casinos is still on shaky legs and could soon falter again. for a few days Easy restrictions apply again in the US statethat also affect the daily business of the casinos. governor steve sisolak has signed a mandate that provides for the reinstatement of mask obligation. visitors and the workforce of the casinos are obliged to wear oral-nose protection in buildings and interiors. the governor reacts to the increasing infection figures in the stateThe one on the high -contingent Delta-varying of the coronavirus. Even before the political decision, the responsible disease protection authority had given a corresponding recommendation and had come to mask obligation. This applies to both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.

Current case figures According to official information from the US state state, around 800 people are infected in Nevada for 14 days with the Coronavirus-and the trend is rising. The maximum value of new infections was reached with 2,531 cases on August 2, 2021. Despite the worrying development, politicians and virologists recently gave the all -clear and meadow the vaccination progress and the improved security concepts.